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Bybit Web3 To Launch Velocity Series NFTs Season 2 with Kjetil Golid


Bybit Web3, the division of Bybit dedicated to Web3 technologies and one of the top three global crypto exchanges by trading volume, has announced the launch of the second season of its Velocity Series NFTs. This season features a unique artistic collaboration with renowned data-centric artist Kjetil Golid. This new series follows last year’s successful Oracle Red Bull Racing partnership.

Artistic Collaboration with Kjetil Golid

Kjetil Golid, known for his deep understanding of algorithms and data structures, has created an artistic journey that reflects his fascination with these elements. His generative art explores the complexities of various algorithms, and this passion is evident in the latest Velocity Series NFTs.

Emily Bao, the Web3 Evangelist at Bybit, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We’re excited to partner with Kjetil Golid, whose unique blend of art and data perfectly captures the essence of Formula 1 racing. Velocity Series Season 2 promises a thrilling experience for collectors and racing enthusiasts alike.”

Decision Matrix and Risk/Reward Collections

Golid’s artwork provides a fresh perspective on Formula 1, blending data with art to create a unique narrative that celebrates the sport’s strategic and high-speed nature.

The Velocity Series Season 2 concludes with two distinctive collections: Decision Matrix and Risk/Reward.

Decision Matrix features intricate artwork that symbolizes the dynamics of cogwheels and chip stacks. Each piece represents one of Oracle Red Bull Racing’s 377 races over its 20-year history.

Risk/Reward delves into the high-stakes world of Formula 1, illustrating the balance between calculated risks and potential rewards that define the sport.

Exclusive Access for Velocity Pass Holders

Kjetil Golid’s work in the Velocity Series offers fans a new way to connect with the sport through digital art. Bybit Web3 and Golid’s partnership aims to provide an engaging and immersive experience for collectors and racing enthusiasts.

Holders of the Velocity Pass 2.0 will have exclusive access to the launch of both collections. In the near future, detailed announcements on the launch process will be made for these fans.

For those interested in the Velocity Series NFT launch, more information will be available through Bybit Web3’s official channels, where fans can stay updated on this innovative journey into the world of Formula 1 art.

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