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OpenSea: Can Art Change the War?
Contract: Etherscan
Gross Revenue: ~$330k (100% profit to Ukraine)

Project Summary

“Can Art Change the War?” is a powerful charitable project developed in collaboration with JR, a renowned French photographic artist. The initiative coincided with JR’s feature on the cover of Time Magazine in April 2022. This project was designed to support Ukraine, raising substantial funds entirely through NFT sales and donations.

Funding and Contributions:

  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Purchase Methods: Both Ethereum and fiat currency were accepted, with fiat purchasers receiving an airdropped NFT from the collection.

Technical Details:

  • NFTCulture’s Role: Provided a complete end-to-end technology solution, ensuring a seamless experience for minting and purchasing.
  • Smart Contract: Utilized ERC721a for efficient, gas-optimized transactions.

Impact and Innovation

“Can Art Change the War?” showcases how art and technology can converge to make a significant social impact. By leveraging blockchain and NFT technology, this project not only supported a crucial humanitarian cause but also demonstrated the potential of NFTs as tools for philanthropy.


“Can Art Change the War?” is a charitable NFT project by JR, raising ~$330k for Ukraine. Supported by NFTCulture, the initiative utilized Ethereum and fiat purchases, providing an end-to-end tech solution with an ERC721a smart contract.

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