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OpenSea: Monster Champions
Contract: Etherscan
Gross Revenue: ~$620k

Project Summary

“Monster Champions” is a Genesis character drop for an upcoming GameFi game set to launch in May 2022. This project marks a significant entry into the GameFi sector, blending gaming with blockchain technology. NFTCulture was responsible for the art generation and smart contract development, ensuring a seamless integration of unique game characters into the blockchain ecosystem.

Technical Details:

  • Smart Contract: Utilizes ERC721a for efficient, gas-optimized transactions.
  • Development: The entire art and contract development was executed by NFTCulture.

Monster Champions Menagerie


OpenSea: Monster Champions Menagerie
Contract: Polygonscan

Project Summary

The “Monster Champions Menagerie” is an NFT project on Polygon that serves dual purposes:

  1. Airdrop: Reward for early supporters of the Monster Champions project.
  2. Character Inventory: Functions as a character inventory contract for the live Monster Champions GameFi game.

The project includes “Monster Egg” tokens, which are distributed as rewards and later hatch into monsters that players can use within the game, enhancing the gameplay experience and adding value for early supporters.

Impact and Innovation

The Monster Champions projects highlight the potential of NFTs in the gaming industry, particularly within the GameFi sector. By integrating NFTs as game characters and inventory items, NFTCulture demonstrates how blockchain technology can revolutionize gaming, offering new layers of interactivity and engagement.


Monster Champions is a GameFi project by NFTCulture, featuring a Genesis character drop with ~$620k in revenue. Utilizing ERC721a, it integrates unique characters into the blockchain. The Menagerie project on Polygon serves as an airdrop and character inventory, rewarding early supporters with “Monster Egg” tokens that hatch into playable monsters.


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