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‘Bloom’ Rewards Visa Payments with Crypto, NFTs, and More


Maximizing Rewards on Bloom

To join the reward system, users need to install the Bloom application from either the App Store or Google Play and sync a valid Visa card with the application.

Each shopping experience translates into Bloom Coins that are directly credited to the user’s Bloom account—all of which can be converted into leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, NFT rewards, merchant discounts, and more. 

Further, Bloom extends a base reward rate of 2% on all card transactions, and additional earning possibilities are accessible through collaborations with ‘Bloom Travel‘. 

The app also provides impressive referral incentives, delivering 2,000 Bloom Coins for every successful user endorsement. 

Its ultimate aim is to reshape financial interactions by combining traditional banking with web3 innovations, offering diverse rewards and services that redefine how users engage with their money.

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