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Rabbit AI Accused of NFT Fraud by YouTube Investigator Coffeezilla


YouTube investigator Stephen Findeisen, widely known as Coffeezilla, has accused Rabbit AI of orchestrating a non-fungible token (NFT) scam. He claims the company, previously known as Cyber Manufacture Co., is attempting to conceal its involvement. This exposé follows his discovery of the company’s dubious activities related to the Gama NFT project.

Background on Rabbit AI and Its History

On May 21, Coffeezilla released a video uncovering Rabbit AI’s connection to NFTs. Rabbit AI, formerly Cyber Manufacture Co., raised $6 million for an NFT project named Gama. Despite the change in company name and image, Coffeezilla highlighted that Rabbit AI’s CEO, Jesse Lyu, has tried to distance the company from its crypto past. In Discord statements, Lyu claimed the company would “never touch crypto” again.

Background on Rabbit AI and Its History
Source: Coffeezilla

When questioned, Lyu described the Gama project as a “fun little project” from the COVID-19 pandemic era. He stated he left the project once the game was open-sourced. However, Coffeezilla revealed recordings of Lyu discussing a grand vision for Gama, contradicting his downplayed version. In these recordings, Lyu talked about significant investments to make Gama a “next-level experience,” hinting at ambitious future plans involving Gamaverse and clean energy.

The Discrepancy Over Gama Project Funding

Findeisen questioned the use of the $6 million raised for Gama, suggesting that the funds were meant for more than just a “fun little project.” Coffeezilla expressed concern about how Rabbit AI, now distancing itself from crypto, could be built on the remnants of a potentially fraudulent project. The investigator’s scrutiny of financial discrepancies brings into question the legitimacy of Rabbit AI’s current and past operations.

Coffeezilla didn’t stop at the NFT project. He also criticized Rabbit AI’s latest product, the R1, labeling it as overhyped. Drawing parallels between the unfulfilled promises of the Gama project and the R1, Findeisen suggested that Rabbit AI is repeating its pattern of making grandiose claims without delivering. The investigator implied that the company’s current operations might be just as questionable as their past.

The skepticism around Rabbit AI isn’t limited to Coffeezilla. Josh Olin, CEO of WeGPT, also accused Rabbit’s R1 product of being a scam. On January 14, Olin described the product as a quick cash grab, designed to lure investors with exaggerated promises. This sentiment echoes Coffeezilla’s findings, adding weight to the allegations against Rabbit AI.

Final Thoughts

Coffeezilla’s investigation has put Rabbit AI under a spotlight, raising significant concerns about its past and present operations. The accusations of overhyping products and misusing funds for the Gama project suggest a troubling pattern. With industry figures like Josh Olin echoing these concerns, Rabbit AI faces growing scrutiny over its practices and promises.

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