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Yuga Labs Abort ‘Super Punk World’ NFT Auction Following Backlash


The prominent CryptoPunks series recently faced significant pushback over a controversial art addition, leading the masterminds behind the NFT brand—Yuga Labs—to quickly cancel the auction for ‘Super Punk World’ NFTs. 

Amidst the turmoil was Nina Chanel Abney’s contribution to the project, as part of Yuga Labs’ innovative Punk in Residence initiative. Her “woke” artworks quickly attracted criticism, prompting Yuga Labs to stop the collection’s advancement. 

Super Punk World aimed to blend the avant-garde NFT sector with classical art. However, public reception deviated sharply from expectations.

Super Punk World NFTs
Source: X (Nina Chanel Abney)

Heated Debates Surrounding CryptoPunks’ Latest Look

Abney, known for her work with Pharrell Williams’ Gallery of Digital Assets (GODA) and South Park animations, aimed to infuse CryptoPunks with her creative vision. She selected 500 figures from over 10,000, introducing 3D-sculpted features and 25 varied Punk personas. 

Learn more: Nina Chanel Abney Hand-Curates New CryptoPunks Collection (

Conversely, Super Punk World’s creative direction met with stiff opposition, triggering debates about its artistry, conceptual orientation, and perspectives on social issues related to racial and gender discourses. 

Amid growing disapproval, Yuga Labs’ CEO Greg “Garga” Solano announced that the artworks, initially set for auction, will now likely be distributed to Super Cool World NFT holders via a randomized NFT airdrop—reinforcing the company’s commitment to the integrity of the CryptoPunks brand.

The artist defended her artistic expression while addressing the “racist, sexist, homophobic, [and] transphobic comments” stirred by the piece.

Additionally, Abney reiterated her dedication to fostering an inclusive atmosphere. “Now more than ever, I will continue my mission toward an inclusive community where everyone is accepted, and ideas that spark productive dialogue are welcomed. No hate tolerated,” she affirmed.

gmoney, one of the world’s most prominent NFT collectors, renowned for his iconic beanie-clad CryptoPunk ape, stuck up for Abney, stating, “So, people don’t like the artwork of a critically acclaimed, world-famous artist? Is that what’s going on here?”

One user, in particular, responded to gmoney’s post, saying, “Nah, has nothing to do with the art. It has something to do with blurring lines of gender and race (a very woke ideology) in the name of Punks, which, by its very nature, is supposed to be counter-culture and non-conformist. At least that’s what punks used to be about.”

The debacle associated with Super Punk World NFTs highlights the challenge of integrating diverse creative visions within the rapidly evolving NFT market. It also reflects the complex cultural currents at the intersection of artistic expression and digital persona in web3.

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