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Blackpink Debuts “Pink Venom” NFTs on VeVe


K-pop sensation Blackpink has announced the launch of their first digital collectibles collection, inspired by their 2022 song “Pink Venom.” The collection, set to release from May 22 to 26, marks the group’s foray into the rapidly expanding world of NFTs and virtual tokens and aligns Blackpink with prominent K-pop figures recently embracing digital collectibles.

Expanding into the NFT Arena

The NFTs will be available through VeVe, a New Zealand-based company specializing in licensed digital collectibles. VeVe’s platform will host the collection, offering fans a new way to engage with the group. 

This move follows a trend in the K-pop industry, where artists are increasingly leveraging NFTs to connect with their audiences.

In October 2022, the K-pop group Aespa collaborated with artist Blake Kathryn to release a collection of NFTs called “æ girls.” This collection featured digital artwork, exclusive content, and even included a chance for fans to meet the group in Seoul.

In 2023, South Korean internet giant Naver and LINE NEXT launched NOW.Drops, a platform dedicated to offering K-pop NFTs. This initiative further cements the industry’s commitment to embracing new digital technologies and providing fans with unique collectible experiences.

Unique Collectibles and Fan Engagement

The Blackpink digital collectibles feature JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA in outfits designed by DEMOBAZA, a Bulgarian concept fashion brand known for its minimalist and futuristic style. Fans who collect all four digital collectibles of a member will be eligible to craft a free ‘Pink Venom’ collectible card featuring a member’s signature. 

This card will grant them access to a craft-to-purchase event for an exclusive digital collectible. Participants in this event will need to burn the Pink Venom card and pay 20 Gems.

The broader K-pop industry has been investing significantly in the metaverse and digital collectibles. Hybe, the music agency behind BTS, launched an NFT-powered K-pop platform in 2022. Similarly, SK Telecom has announced plans to expand its metaverse presence across Asia. 

These initiatives highlight the growing importance of digital platforms in the music industry, particularly within K-pop, as artists and agencies seek new ways to engage with fans and generate revenue.

Blackpink’s influence as a global top artist continues to grow, bolstered by collaborations with international pop stars and their roles as ambassadors for high-end fashion and beauty brands. Launching their digital collectibles collection is expected to further solidify their status as trendsetters and style icons in the music and fashion industries.

As K-pop continues to explore digital frontiers, Blackpink’s latest venture into NFTs underscores the genre’s innovative spirit and global appeal.

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