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Web3 Strategy Game Medieval Empires Launches Open Beta


Medieval Empires is a historical strategy game allowing players to build, explore, conquer and form alliances.

The game introduces players to experience the game set in the late 13th century, where they can play as tribal warriors in modern-day Turkey, confronting Edward I during his 9th Crusade. It begins with a passive PvE environment, with plans to introduce PvP modes and missions, along with new leaders, regions, and factions.

Medieval Empires also introduces $MEE—the game’s utility token. The $MEE token can be used for various in-game activities such as acquiring Prestige or staking for higher-tier land, which can also be purchased through the Land NFT collection on OpenSea.

Madievel Empires is currently available on PC and MAC devices and can be downloaded directly from the website without needing invitations or mandatory staking of $MEE.

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