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APhone Partners with Magic Eden for 5,000 Access Pass Sale


Web-based virtual phone app APhone has partnered with the popular NFT marketplace Magic Eden for an Access Pass sale aimed at Magic Eden’s 22 million monthly visitors.

The sale will offer 5,000 Access Passes at 0.2 SOL each (about ~$29 as of writing), allowing users to access APhone’s features for a year, along with 10 key rewards, which can be exchanged for future token airdrops.

Magic Eden will offer a 25% bonus in its Diamond Rewards program for customers who purchase an APhone Access Pass during this event.

Source: APhone

What is APhone?

APhone’s platform runs on Aethir’s distributed GPU cloud infrastructure, enabling users to use a range of applications and games directly through a web browser. This approach sidesteps the need for traditional app stores and overcomes device hardware limitations. Additionally, the platform also supports cloud gaming and other high-demand applications using real-time cloud services.

APhone launched on Solana, and comes with several pre-installed blockchain apps and games, such as Magic Eden, OKX, Bybit, HoneyLand, and Mighty Action Heroes.

William Peckham, Chief Business Officer at APhone, said the partnership with Magic Eden would allow more people to use the app. “In line with the core principles of decentralization, APhone passes allow any smartphone user to effortlessly enjoy all the benefits of web3 regardless of their devices’ technical limitations, making it accessible for everyone,” he said.

Chris Akhavan, Chief Revenue Officer at Magic Eden, also said: “We’re excited to see how web3 game studios leverage the APhone DApp Store to launch and scale their games.”

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