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‘Fantasy Top’ Pays $1.25M ETH to X Influencers Turned into NFTs


After the initial distribution of funds in Fantasy Top, digital artists who were turned into NFTs saw significant earnings. Content creator Jenn Duong led the pack in the first week, earning around $20,500 (6.7 ETH). Close behind were Ansem and Pacman from Blast, each securing roughly $18,700 (6.1 ETH).

Considering the game scores players based on real social media interactions, this raises concerns of possible score inflation through automated bots, particularly when Jenn Duong’s online presence seemed unusually high.

Duong responded by publicly criticizing these manipulations and briefly made her X account private to handle the issues. Despite these setbacks, Fantasy Top claims to enforce strict anti-bot measures to ensure fair competition.

In addition to Ethereum, the game awarded players 2,480 units of Blast GOLD, potentially adding over $25,000 to the first week’s total payouts, given that each unit’s market value exceeds $10.

While it’s not officially confirmed, the accumulation of “FAN points” by influencers hints at a potential upcoming token airdrop.

In blending the thrill of digital card collecting with the cutting-edge world of NFTs, Fantasy Top is reshaping how influencers engage and profit in the web3 realm.

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