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zbyte and Doha Design District Launches NFT Ticketing for TEFFA


Making Tangible Impact with NFT Tickets

Qatar continues to show interest in blockchain technology and its potential applications, and the use of NFTs for event ticketing demonstrates a broader trend toward integrating digital solutions in various industries. The partnership with zbyte represents an effort to increase security and provide a unique ticketing experience for event attendees.

Shaikha al Sulaiti, Senior Design Manager at Doha Design District, noted the importance of integrating technology in the event industry. “We are thrilled to sponsor an event that not only showcases the rich culture of Qatar but also embraces such transformative technology. This collaboration with zbyte and TEFFA is just the beginning of our journey towards integrating more digital solutions in creative domains,” he said.

Nitin Kumar, Co-founder of zbyte, also highlighted the implications of blockchain technology and shared, “Our partnership with Doha Design District and TEFFA AI Revolution is a testament to the potential of blockchain technology in making a tangible impact. By simplifying the minting of NFT tickets, we are setting a new paradigm for events that enhances security, attendee engagement, and the overall event experience. We are excited to see how Qatar embraces this technology and look forward to expanding our innovative solutions further.”

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