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Europe’s Opportunity: Building the ‘Airbus of the Metaverse’


The concept of the metaverse, a digital universe where users can engage with virtual and augmented reality, has gained significant attention in recent years. According to a new report from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), these technologies have the power to greatly enhance Europe’s economy.

The LSE report highlights how immersive and virtual technologies, along with artificial intelligence, can transform Europe into a global leader in innovation. By leveraging these technologies, users can deeply engage with various environments, from retail and gaming to medical diagnostics and supply chain management.

Europe’s Economic Challenges and Opportunities

Despite being home to some of the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced countries, Europe has seen a decline in its contribution to global GDP. From 25% in 1990, it has dropped to just 14% today. Additionally, the EU is struggling with a significantly lower net inflow of foreign direct investments compared to the US. The report suggests that while Europe has the necessary infrastructure to capitalize on the metaverse, several obstacles need to be addressed.

Strategic Recommendations for Growth

The study recommends creating a pan-European hub for immersive technologies—referred to as the “Airbus of the metaverse.” This initiative, supported by long-term funding, aims to address innovation challenges and encourage the integration and manufacturing of these technologies in Europe. Such a hub would accelerate the deployment of these technologies and help establish standard specifications across the continent.

The LSE report offers policymakers key recommendations to unlock metaverse technologies’ full potential in Europe. These include establishing a European Innovation Network, creating access to skilled talent through specialized degrees and immersive technology education in existing programs, and fostering demand and open innovation through government support in procurement and standardization efforts.

By implementing these strategies, Europe can overcome current barriers and position itself as a global leader in the metaverse. The report outlines a roadmap for integrating these technologies into the European economy and showcases their applications across various sectors. From automotive companies like Porsche to retail giants like IKEA, European organizations are already utilizing the metaverse to enhance their operations.

Joining the Next Digital Revolution

The metaverse has the potential to be a game-changer for Europe’s economy. By leveraging these technologies, Europe could regain its position as an innovation hub and attract much-needed foreign investment. Policymakers must act on the recommendations outlined in the LSE report to create a strong and competitive metaverse industry in Europe. With the right strategies and support, Europe can join the next digital revolution and unlock its full potential for growth and prosperity. 

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