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Louis Vuitton Bestows €7.9K Jacket by Pharrell to NFT Holders


Casting a spotlight on the NFT space yet again, Louis Vuitton recently introduced a premium western-inspired leather jacket accompanying an Ethereum-based NFT collectible dubbed ‘Varsity Blouson’. 

Retailing for €7,900, this luxury jacket—designed by Pharrell Williams—is crafted exclusively for 200 owners of the Louis Vuitton Via NFTs.

The apparel boasts suede buckskin, shimmering fasteners, and an intricately embroidered emblem, encapsulating the current enthusiasm for “cowboy fever”, as per Vogue, and the high-end collector’s market. 

Louis Vuitton’s NFT Style 

Louis Vuitton’s blockchain initiative Via, which debuted in June last year, kicked off with the sale of phygital ‘Treasure Trunks‘ priced at €39,000 each. These trunks are paired with non-transferable soul-bound NFTs, ensuring they maintain a direct connection with their original owners.

All Via NFT holders retain exclusive access to prized Louis Vuitton items spanning digital and physical realms. From the renowned Speedy Bags to Mini Trunks and the latest addition of cowboy jackets, their membership ensures a continuous stream of top-of-the-line fashion offerings.

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