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Worldcoin Launches World Chain: A Human-Centric Blockchain for Global Scaling | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


Introduction to World Chain

In a significant leap towards blockchain scalability and efficiency, Worldcoin has officially introduced World Chain, its bespoke blockchain designed to meet human-centric needs globally. This move is set to revolutionize how transactions are handled, prioritizing human interaction and reducing the technological bottleneck that has hindered blockchain technology’s broader adoption.

Core Features of World Chain

  1. Dedicated Network: World Chain is engineered to transition all Worldcoin transactions from the heavily utilized Optimism Mainnet to its dedicated network. This strategic shift aims to accommodate the growing user demand and mitigate network stress, ensuring a smooth and scalable blockchain experience.
  2. User Verification with World ID: The integration of World ID into World Chain marks a significant stride in enhancing transaction efficiency and security. This system prioritizes verified human users, offering them transaction prioritization and gas allowances. This not only discourages unproductive bot activities but also fortifies the network against potential abuses.
  3. Scalability and Efficiency Goals: With an ambitious target to scale to one billion users, World Chain plans to enhance transaction speeds and reduce costs, aiming to alleviate the common issue of blockchain congestion. This scalability is crucial for maintaining performance as the user base expands.
  4. Developer and Community Engagement: Recognizing the importance of developer contribution, World Chain is rolling out community grants and forging partnerships to encourage innovation on its platform. The focus is on creating applications that utilize World ID’s unique capabilities, particularly in decentralized finance and digital identity solutions.

Community and Future Prospects

Worldcoin’s community-oriented approach is evident in its pledge to make World Chain a collective effort, involving all of humanity in its governance and development. The forthcoming developer preview and subsequent full launch this summer highlight Worldcoin’s commitment to not just innovating, but also engaging with its community to refine and expand its offerings.


Worldcoin’s World Chain represents a bold step towards a more inclusive and efficient blockchain ecosystem. By focusing on human-centric solutions and scalability, Worldcoin is not just preparing for current demands but is also paving the way for future technological expansions. This approach could very well set a new standard for blockchain networks around the world.

TL;DR: Worldcoin unveils World Chain, a new blockchain tailored for human use, aiming to enhance transaction efficiency and scale to one billion users. It features dedicated network resources, integration of World ID for secure transactions, and active support for developers and community engagement.


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