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Mutant Hounds Hit Bitcoin Today, Claim ‘25K+ Potential Mints’


A New Frontier in NFT Utility

Mutant Hounds Inscriptions boasts cross-chain functionality, offering Runes on Bitcoin and $Serum on Ethereum. Plus, the series of minting activities will culminate in a special double airdrop event.

Adding to its allure, Lior.eth from Novel Labs emphasizes the value of these NFTs, stating on X, “The Hounds Inscriptions are so much more than ‘just art’”, adding, “Hounds Ordinals are the key to a growing ecosystem of builders, IP, and AAA products. Props to the team for making this happen. !howl.” 

Securing a place in the evolving landscape of NFTs with Mutant Hounds means blending distinctive digital art with extra blockchain benefits.

Those interested in the drops are encouraged to visit

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