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Unveiling the Cosmos: Mad Dog Jones’ “FALLEN GRAVITY” NFT Collection | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


Galactic Artistry: The Fusion of Science and Creativity

Mad Dog Jones, a renowned figure in the digital art space, alongside collaborators INVNT.ATOM and Artemis Entertainment, unveils the “FALLEN GRAVITY” collection, a cosmic journey merging art with the vastness of space. Scheduled from April 3rd to April 9th, this exhibit titled “INVERTED DARK MATTER” is a prelude to the larger collection, inviting viewers to a world where quantum illusions and entangled heartbeats pulse through a sea of dark matter.

The Art of Exploration: “FALLEN GRAVITY” Collection Overview

The “FALLEN GRAVITY” series is more than visual splendor; it’s an exploration of space, time, and matter’s intricate ballet. The collection, beginning on April 9th, extends an exclusive invitation to “Inverted Dark Matter” holders for a pre-sale event, followed by a public sale, unveiling limited edition digital artworks paired with tangible high-quality prints and unique “Star Songs”.

Connecting Worlds: Infinite Depth and Unknowable Dimensions

Mad Dog Jones’ collection features “Infinite Depth,” a digital artwork complemented by an A2 HD print, and “Unknowable Dimensions,” a set of 500 unique 1/1 artworks. These pieces are distinguished by their customized Star Songs, audio tracks reflective of the International Space Station’s orbital journey, adding a personalized celestial touch to each artwork.

A Stellar Invitation: From Art to Orbit

In an innovative twist, collectors can send a personal message into space, later minting a Flight Certificate to commemorate their contribution to this artistic and astronomical endeavor. This gesture symbolizes a bridge between art, the individual, and the cosmos, encapsulating the grandeur and mystery of our universe.


Mad Dog Jones collaborates with INVNT.ATOM and Artemis Entertainment to present “FALLEN GRAVITY,” a collection that blends art with the cosmos, featuring unique digital artworks with physical elements and personalized Star Songs. Collectors can partake in a celestial journey, sending messages to the ISS and receiving a Flight Certificate as a memento of their interstellar connection.


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