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Nifty Island Launch Speedrun Challenge for NFT Rewards


Nifty Island, the popular free-to-play social gaming platform, have launched the second phase of their Break the Targets Speedrun Challenge.

In the first phase, creators were encouraged to design courses for the Break the Targets play mode, aiming to build the most competitive and innovative environments possible. The top three courses, as chosen by Nifty Island’s Community team, were chosen to host the subsequent speedrun contest, which is now live as of April 1.

Running from April 1 to April 4, all Nifty Island players can now compete to set the fastest times, with an array of rewards on offer.

Source: Nifty Island

What is Nifty Island?

What is the Second Phase of Speedrun Challenge?

In this second phase, players compete to achieve the fastest times on the three winning courses. This phase started on April 1 and participants have until April 4 to share their fastest runs on X to be eligible for the rewards.

The Break the Targets Speedrun Challenge offers rewards in the form of tokenized in-game items. Winners will be determined based on their performance during the speedruns.

Rewards range from Bronze Palm and Iron Palm items to Ultra Blades and Legendary Pistols, given to the top ten competitors.

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