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Happy Marmots NFTs Spurs Outdoor Fun and Property Ownership


Launching an outdoor quest like no other, Happy Marmots NFTs welcomes explorers into its intriguing ‘Outdoor Aficionados’ ecosystem.

Designed with nature lovers in mind, 8848 colorful Marmot collectibles are opening a distinct rewards system that seamlessly connects digital asset ownership with the joy of real-world nature exploration.

Each NFT opens access to a plethora of opportunities: token airdrops, an eventful hike-to-earn feature, and never-ending community perks, including an unmissable real-estate opportunity. 

Source: Happy Marmots
Source: Happy Marmots

Community Activities and Exclusive Perks

Merging nature’s beauty with the virtual realm, Happy Marmots NFTs provide a distinctive ecosystem of rewards and real-world assets. 

Users can earn Outdoor Aficionados’ native $OAF token by engaging in hiking activities through its innovative app, currently in beta for iOS and Android users.

Still, the fun doesn’t end there. $OAF extends to lifetime memberships, annual token bonuses, and a commitment to community enrichment with a 4% royalty distribution. 

Last but not least, excitement continues to build for the project’s upcoming real estate NFTs, which will offer tangible perks including timeshare rights to an exquisite chalet in the French Alps.

Happy Marmots NFTs
Source: Happy Marmots

Happy Marmots’ Digital Doorway to Nature 

The Happy Marmots NFT minting journey starts with a pre-launch for partners in early April, leading to a public mint in early May 1.

Enthusiasts can soon track the minting process in real-time on a dedicated page, following the Marmots’ journey to Everest’s summit—a creative representation of reaching the sell-out milestone. facilitates purchases, accepting both cryptocurrency and fiat to ensure accessibility. The platform’s security and transparency are guaranteed by the oversight of VD LAW GROUP. 

As the mint progresses, each milestone—named after mountain peaks and corresponding to the number of NFTs minted—unveils a chest with a wallet address for on-chain verification.

Prizes are pre-deposited before raffles, with the required minimum number of NFTs for participation varying by milestone.

So, embark on the Happy Marmots NFT adventure, blending outdoor thrills with unique property benefits in a community-driven, exclusive experience.

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