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NFT LA Community Week 2024: A Web3 Extravaganza in the Heart of Los Angeles | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


Unveiling Innovation: Edge Of Company’s Blockchain Bonanza

Edge Of Company, known for its flagship event Outer Edge LA, is setting the stage for an unprecedented blockchain and arts festival, NFT LA Community Week, from March 25-29, 2024. This event is a celebration of the innovative spirit of Los Angeles, a city renowned for its vibrant art and culture scene. As a hub of creativity, LA is the perfect backdrop for an event that merges blockchain, art, entertainment, music, and more, showcasing the diverse applications of NFTs and web3 technology.

Celebrating Community and Creativity in Downtown LA

Joshua Kriger, Co-Founder of Edge of Company, emphasizes the event’s aim to honor the creators and builders in the NFT space, highlighting the evolution and broadening scope of NFT applications. The festival, taking place in Downtown LA, aims to ignite curiosity, forge connections, and envision a future shaped positively through collaborative innovation.

A Fusion of Technology and Culture

NFT LA Community Week will feature partnerships with trailblazers like, Phaver, Two Bit Circus, and more, offering a spectrum of experiences from web3 sports fantasy to social graph ownership and interactive entertainment. The event underscores the synergy between technology and various cultural domains, creating a dynamic environment for learning, networking, and entertainment.

Highlights of the Week

One of the marquee events, NFT LA Curiosity Circus, will occur on March 27, offering attendees an immersive experience in creativity and future-thinking. With Valeriy Makovetzkiy of headlining, the event promises insights into the future of esports and gaming, complemented by live podcasts, networking, and interactive entertainment.

Accessing the Festival

Interested participants can access the event through two ticketing options, emphasizing inclusivity and engagement. The festival’s itinerary includes Meta Monday, AI & Beyond, and exclusive gatherings like the VIP Venice Innovator Party, offering varied experiences for attendees.


NFT LA Community Week epitomizes the fusion of technology and culture, highlighting Los Angeles as a nexus for innovation. With its array of events and partnerships, the festival is poised to be a landmark occasion in the NFT and web3 landscape.

TLDR: NFT LA Community Week, orchestrated by Edge Of Company, is a web3 festival in Downtown LA from March 25-29, 2024, celebrating innovation in blockchain, art, and culture with a plethora of events and partnerships.


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