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Kevin Rose (The Bozo) $1 Million NFT Fire-Sale | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


In an eyebrow-raising turn of events that has the crypto community buzzing, Kevin Rose, the notorious co-founder of the once-celebrated Moonbirds NFT collection, has kicked off a controversial and sizable offload of his digital art assets. This strategic maneuver, which has seen Rose ditch approximately $1 million worth of NFTs, raises serious questions about his motives and the implications for the NFT market at large.

The Fire-Sale Breakdown

Rose’s recent actions involve dumping a significant portion of his NFT portfolio, racking up sales in the ballpark of $1 million. Among the high-profile pieces sold were notable artworks, which fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars each, underscoring the magnitude of this sell-off. Additionally, Rose has parted ways with a prestigious CryptoPunk and a couple of ENS domains, further fueling speculation about his intentions.

The Shadow of Yuga Labs’ Acquisition

This dubious liquidation spree unfolds against the backdrop of Yuga Labs’ acquisition of the Moonbirds’ parent company, PROOF. Yuga Labs, the entity behind the renowned Bored Ape Yacht Club, announced it would absorb PROOF and its entire suite of NFT projects, aiming to integrate Moonbirds into its burgeoning Otherside metaverse. Despite the strategic nature of this acquisition, Rose’s decision to liquidate shortly thereafter paints a picture of opportunistic timing.

Critique and Speculation

Rose’s substantial liquidation, devoid of transparency, paints him in an unflattering light, reminiscent of a grifter seizing an opportune moment to cash out. It’s a move that undermines the community’s trust and raises legitimate concerns about the sustainability and ethics of the NFT market leaders. His actions not only provoke skepticism but also cast a shadow over the intentions behind high-profile NFT projects and their founders.


Kevin Rose’s recent $1 million NFT sell-off, following closely on the heels of Yuga Labs’ acquisition of Moonbirds, has sparked controversy and criticism. This move has led to speculation about his motives, reflecting poorly on his reputation and raising broader concerns about trust and integrity within the NFT community.


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