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Non-Fungible DAO to Airdrop Ordinals $NFTs on Magic Eden


Bitcoin Ordinals traders on the Magic Eden platform are in for a treat as the Non-Fungible DAO recently announced an airdrop of its new Ordinals ‘$NFT’ token is in the works. 

Non-Fungible DAO’s X post indicates that this initiative is aimed at celebrating the community utilizing MSigner — a tool engineered by Magic Eden that aids in the process of signing Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBTs) for managing Ordinals.

Collective usage of the MSigner solution has seen the signing of upwards of 75 million PSBTs, along with an impressive count of 1.3 million Ordinal exchanges on the trading platform.

Additionally, the DAO revealed a willingness to extend assistance to other platforms keen to integrate MSigner, suggesting that traders on various other trading platforms may also be liable to receive $NFT tokens. 

Non-Fungible DAO airdrop
Source: X (Non-Fungible DAO)

Elevating NFT Trade Dynamics

Marketed as a leap towards shaping innovative NFT trading protocols, the $NFT token, initially teased in January, is gaining attention for its role in cultivating the NFT commerce of the future.

Magic Eden, which boasts a high trading volume and stands as a primary cross-chain trading hub, is in alliance with the Non-Fungible DAO. The marketplace plans to contribute its suite of NFT creation and exchange tools as open-source offerings to the DAO.

Consequently, the DAO plans to deliver token drops to those deploying such technologies — encompassing MSigner for Bitcoin activities and Magic Eden’s launch tooling for Ethereum, along with other applicable protocols.

Though no set schedule has been put forth for the release of $NFT, anticipations are high.

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