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Sony Signs Patent for ‘Super-Fungible Tokens’ to Gear Up Gaming


Sony’s Blockchain Integration

Sony, a dominant force in entertainment with over 123 million active PlayStation fans, has already skillfully integrated blockchain into its offerings.

In December 2021, Sony partnered with AMC Theatres to distribute NFTs to Spider-Man fans. The following year, it collaborated with Universal Music Group, bringing digital collectibles to the Snowcrash NFT Marketplace, featuring music legends like Bob Dylan and Miles Davis.

Expanding into the digital realm, Sony entered the Metaverse in May 2022 to create a unified digital space where gaming, music, and film converge, enhancing social connections and shared experiences.

But Sony’s Web3 innovation continues beyond. In March 2023, it introduced a patent for cross-platform NFT trading, enabling a new level of digital ownership interactive experiences — spotlighting other Web3 initiatives in between. 

Its latest move, the Super-Token, promises to integrate NFTs into gaming, elevating the player experience seamlessly. Such news sparks interest from players and developers alike, eager to see its impact on Sony’s gaming ecosystem and future PlayStation titles.

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