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The blockchain network Blast is on the brink of a transformative moment with its total value locked (TVL) soaring to $2.1 billion, heralding its mainnet’s impending launch. This pivotal juncture is not just a financial milestone but a beacon for artists and creators in the digital space, illuminating the vast potentials and inherent challenges of navigating the Web3 ecosystem.

The Promise of Blast: Unleashing Creative Potentials

Blast stands out as a promising platform for artists and creators, offering a unique blend of opportunities that could redefine the art world. With its strategic focus on rewarding both whales and DApp developers through a $Blast token airdrop, Blast is poised to attract significant attention and investment. This influx of resources and interest could, in turn, foster a vibrant ecosystem where artists thrive, powered by low entry costs and the potential for substantial rewards from the airdrop.

Moreover, the discussion around allocating airdrop funds, including a competition that earmarked 4% for winners, has spotlighted the potential for generative art platforms on Blast. This focus not only highlights the network’s commitment to innovation but also positions it as a fertile ground for artists exploring new frontiers in digital creation.

The Double-Edged Sword: Navigating the DeFi-Dominated Waters

However, the journey on Blast’s blockchain is not without its perils. The prevailing ethos in the Blast ecosystem, heavily influenced by the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) sector, presents a dichotomy for purists devoted to the ideals of digital ownership and artistic integrity. This DeFi dominance raises concerns about the overshadowing of art-focused initiatives by “degen” projects, potentially diluting the essence of what many artists seek in the blockchain space: a platform that values and prioritizes their work and principles.

The Inevitable Migration: Towards Layer 2 Solutions

Despite these challenges, the migration of most art to Layer 2 solutions (L2s) appears inevitable, offering a pragmatic path forward. L2s promise to alleviate some of the liquidity issues plaguing art NFTs by providing faster, cheaper transactions while maintaining security and decentralization. This shift could democratize access to blockchain technologies for artists, especially those not yet established, by leveling the playing field and making it more affordable to mint and trade NFTs.

Conclusion: Navigating the Future with Cautious Optimism

As Blast’s mainnet launch approaches, the art community stands at a crossroads. The platform’s potential to revolutionize how art is created, shared, and valued is immense, but it requires careful navigation of the DeFi-dominated landscape. For artists and creators, the key will be to leverage Blast’s innovative features while staying true to the core values of digital ownership and artistic expression.

The Blast Mainnet Points API is designed to enable smart contracts to earn and distribute two types of points, “Blast Points” and “Blast Gold,” to users as incentives for dapp growth. Initially, only externally owned accounts (EOAs) can earn points for bridging assets to Blast, but with the mainnet launch, smart contracts will also be eligible based on their total value locked (TVL).

Key Features:

  • Blast Points: Aimed at encouraging the use of dapps by allowing smart contracts to distribute points earned from bridging assets (ETH/USD) to users. This feature addresses the disincentive for users to deposit funds into smart contracts by allowing those contracts to redirect bridged asset points back to users.
  • Blast Gold (Developer Points): Post-mainnet, these points will be manually distributed to smart contracts to fuel dapp growth and create long-term value. Dapps are expected to redistribute 100% of these points to users. The distribution will be based on both objective and subjective criteria, including dapp traction and alignment with Blast’s features.

Integration Details:

  • Smart contract operators can integrate with the Blast Points API by configuring their contracts to be compatible with the API’s authentication mechanism and managing points distribution through an off-chain script.
  • The API supports various operations, including obtaining a challenge for authentication, submitting and cancelling batches of point transfers, and checking the balance and status of these transfers.
  • A staging environment is available for testing with the API base URL provided in the document.

Security and Compliance:

  • The document emphasizes that attempts to create liquid proxies to Blast Points and Blast Gold will result in rewards being nullified, underlining the focus on genuine dapp growth and user engagement.


Blast blockchain offers a promising but complex landscape for artists, blending opportunities with challenges stemming from its DeFi-centric ethos. Despite this, the migration to L2s could democratize art creation and distribution, marking an inevitable shift towards a more inclusive and equitable digital art world.


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