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Earn Alliance Web3 Game Discovery Platform Gears up for Airdrop


Earn Alliance, a Web3 game aggregator and discovery platform, has rolled out an ecosystem aimed at reshaping the gaming sector. With a vision to enhance gamers’ experiences, Earn Alliance has introduced a reward-based system, offering opportunities for exploring and backing blockchain games while treating engagement as a service. This fresh approach has quickly drawn in over 400,000 highly engaged users.

Bridging Gamers and Developers

Earn Alliance is gearing up to engage its community with an upcoming airdrop from March 28th to April 4th, offering up to 150M tokens, constituting 15% of its supply. 

Earn Alliance tackles a crucial issue in the Web3 gaming realm by acting as a centralized hub for gamers eager to understand blockchain technology. It also allows game developers and publishers to trial and promote their creations. 

By incentivizing gamers to try out new games, Earn Alliance hopes to enable developers to attract fans cost-effectively, thus lowering fan acquisition expenses. This ecosystem has become indispensable for gamers on the lookout for new favourites and developers striving to construct and nurture their communities.

In 2023, the platform hosted 75+ game NFT launches, aiding in fundraising and user engagement. The Earn Alliance app now offers a “Reserve Now, Mint Later” feature for easy NFT claims.

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A Thriving Hub for Engagement and Innovation

Earn Alliance’s network seamlessly integrates over 3,500 web3 game-related social and content feeds, hosting interactive campaigns for notable titles like BigTime, Kingdom Story, Stella Fantasy, and Gods Unchained. This integration not only enhances the platform’s value but also cements Earn Alliance as a go-to hub for web3 gaming content and interaction.

Earn Alliance is expanding its horizons by delving into game development with Last Remains, a free-to-play stealth zombie battle royale game. Despite its blockchain integration, the game prioritizes delivering a top-notch, immersive experience, as evidenced by its Top 5 trending status on Epic Games after its initial Alpha playtest—accomplished without any marketing push, according to the announcement.

CEO and Founder Joseph “Coop” Cooper stated, “At Earn Alliance, we believe in a world where games can positively transform the lives of billions, and we are creating that in an ecosystem with the opportunity for personal financial growth, while making discoverability and supporting games fun.”

This initiative provides fans multiple ways to connect with Earn Alliance, be it through Epic, Steam, or Discord accounts or by installing its mobile app. Additionally, a community-wide hackathon is slated during the GDC in San Francisco on March 17th, showcasing their dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration within the web3 gaming domain.

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