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Coinbase’s L2 ‘Base’ Now Powers the Growth of Heroes of Mavia


A Game-Changing Integration

A significant ingredient that drew Mavia towards Base is the platform’s superior speed and minimal transaction expense. It’s forecasted that the approaching integration of EIP-4844 on Base is likely to trim down the gaming platform’s gas fees by 10-100x. Such reductions are vital for Mavia’s in-game Ruby marketplace, necessary for trading in-game ‘Legendary’ items for $RUBY and other cryptocurrencies. 

Moreover, Base offers a comprehensive infrastructural affiliation guaranteeing secure and trustworthy onboarding for Mavia users. Equipped with reliable fiat on/off ramps, DEXs, and possibilities to cater to Coinbase’s expansive ecosystem, Base establishes itself as a solid Layer-2 platform that caters to all requirements of Mavia.

“Base provides extensive infrastructure integrations, ensuring safe and reliable onboarding for Mavia users. With dependable fiat on/off ramps, DEXs, and opportunities to serve the Coinbase ecosystem, it’s a robust L2 that fulfills Mavia’s needs,” affirms Mavia in a recent X post.

As Heroes of Mavia and Base join forces, both blockchain-centric powerhouses demonstrate the transformative potential of Web3 technology in creating more immersive, secure, and user-friendly gaming environments.

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