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Krafton x Circle Shape Create-to-Earn Gaming Hub ‘Overdare’


Today, Circle — the foremost stablecoin platform — declared its collaboration with ‘Overdare’, a mobile-exclusive Metaverse project focused on NFTs, to incorporate its Web3 wallets into the ecosystem, enabling creators to garner USDC rewards. 

Krafton — the visionary team behind the renowned game ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)’ — is set to unveil this groundbreaking virtual hub by the latter half of 2024.

Powered by Circle, Overdare promises to revolutionize the creative landscape by seamlessly transforming creativity into revenue streams and offering robust intellectual property management solutions. 

“We believe this partnership will be a catalyst in shaping the future of digital entertainment, ultimately fostering an innovative Web3 environment for all,” commented CEO and co-founder of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, in a recent X post

Source: Krafton

The Dawn of Next-Gen Mobile Gaming

Overdare is set to transform mobile gaming with its Roblox-like platform powered by Unreal Engine 5, integrating NFT revenue opportunities and enabling gamers to create content with AI tools.

Gamers will carry the capabilities of creating their own shooters, action RPGs, and more, leveraging Overdare’s unique Create-to-Earn model for minting and trading in-game assets as NFTs within the game’s marketplace.

By operating on its proprietary Settlus blockchain — crafted using the Cosmos SDK — the virtual space will streamline in-game financial dealings and license content on the blockchain, opening new revenue paths with the aid of Circle. 

Notably, Circle has been in the spotlight recently for ceasing USDC functionality on the TRON network, indicating a solid commitment to maintaining a rigorous risk management ethos.

By utilizing the stablecoin titan’s cutting-edge financial technology with Krafton’s creative gaming expertise, Overdare pledges to deliver a unique blend of creativity, technology, and financial empowerment to blockchain gaming creators. 

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