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Pizza Ninjas Makes a Historic Entry into Sotheby’s: A Milestone for Web3 Art | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


In an unprecedented move that bridges the gap between traditional art markets and the burgeoning world of Web3, Pizza Ninja #1 has been selected for a special Bitcoin Ordinals auction at Sotheby’s. This inclusion marks a monumental validation for the Pizza Ninjas project, signifying its high quality, demand, and the pivotal role it plays in the emerging Web3 art market.

Sotheby’s: A Platform of Prestige for Pizza Ninja #1

Sotheby’s, one of the world’s oldest and most revered auction houses, has long been a stage for the world’s most prestigious works. The selection of Pizza Ninja #1, known as “The Angel,” for auction at this esteemed venue signals a significant recognition of the Pizza Ninjas’ contribution to digital art and the broader art community. This exposure not only elevates the project’s reputation but also aligns it with centuries of art history and prestige.

“The Angel”: A Beacon of Digital Art Innovation

“The Angel” is not just the first piece in the Pizza Ninjas collection; it represents a landmark in digital art, being the first—and so far, only—inscription on a Pizza Uncommon sat. This piece embodies the essence of the Pizza Ninjas collection, merging the rich history of Bitcoin with innovative digital artistry. The story of the Bitcoin Pizza transaction, where 10,000 BTC were exchanged for two pizzas, adds a layer of cultural significance to this piece, making it a coveted item for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Rarity and Historical Significance

The uniqueness of “The Angel” is further amplified by its rarity. Among the 10,000 BTC used in the famous Bitcoin Pizza transaction, only 201 were Uncommon Sats, making Pizza Uncommons exceedingly rare. This scarcity, coupled with the historical significance of the transaction, positions “The Angel” as a grail piece within the digital art and cryptocurrency communities.

A No Reserve Auction: Accessible to All

In a bold move, the auction for Pizza Ninja #1 is set as a no-reserve auction, meaning it could potentially sell for as low as $1 if that remains the highest bid. This decision underscores the democratic ethos of the Web3 community, making it accessible to a wide audience and adding an element of excitement to the auction.

Gratitude and Anticipation

The Pizza Ninjas team expresses profound gratitude for the honor of being selected by Sotheby’s, a testament to their dedication and innovative work in the digital art space. As the auction approaches, anticipation builds, not only among the team but also within the global community of collectors, enthusiasts, and spectators eager to witness who will secure this landmark piece of the Pizza Ninjas collection.


Pizza Ninja #1’s inclusion in a special Bitcoin Ordinals auction at Sotheby’s marks a historic moment, bridging traditional and Web3 art worlds. “The Angel,” a piece with deep cultural and historical significance, not only elevates the reputation of the Pizza Ninjas project but also underscores the rarity and innovation within the digital art space. As a no-reserve auction, this event opens up an unprecedented opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts, solidifying the piece’s status as a coveted digital artifact.


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