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Ultiverse Secures Funding For AI-Powered Web3 Gaming Platform


Ultiverse, an AI-powered gaming platform, has recently made headlines for successfully completing a $4 million private token sale. The round was led by IDG Capital and attracted investments from prominent Web3 entities such as Animoca Brands, Polygon Ventures, MorningStar Ventures, ZetaChain, Manta Network, and DWF Ventures. This latest investment round brings Ultiverse’s total funding to $13.5 million and establishes the company’s valuation at $150 million.

Enhancing User Experience with AI

According to Ultiverse CEO Frank Ma, the newly acquired funds will be used to expedite the development of their AI-driven Web3 game creation platform. The ultimate goal is to enhance intuitive design and user experience. With Ulti-Pilot, an AI-powered portal designed to offer a broad range of gaming experiences, the platform aims to revolutionize the way games are created and played.

Ultiverse’s focus on AI and blockchain technology goes beyond just creating a seamless gaming experience. The platform also emphasizes the use of these technologies to facilitate gaming interoperability. In addition to Ulti-Pilot, Ultiverse has plans to introduce a Gaming Launchpad, Restake Rollup, and further decentralized applications (dApps). This expansion aims to provide users with more options and opportunities within the Ultiverse ecosystem.

Collaboration and Future Plans

To drive traffic to its platform, Ultiverse is actively seeking collaborations with other gaming companies. This partnership approach not only benefits Ultiverse but also contributes to the growth of the Web3 gaming industry as a whole. In addition, Ultiverse has future plans to launch proprietary games, further solidifying their position as a leader in the space.

IDG Capital, one of the investors in Ultiverse’s latest funding round, praised the platform for its commitment to promoting the widespread adoption of Web3 gaming enhanced by AI. They also highlighted Ultiverse’s role in creating a new ecosystem and setting a new standard in the gaming industry. With their innovative use of AI and blockchain technology, Ultiverse is at the forefront of transforming the Web3 gaming landscape.


With its recent funding and partnerships, Ultiverse is poised to become a major player in the Web3 gaming market. By leveraging AI and blockchain technology, they are not only enhancing user experience but also paving the way for a more interconnected and immersive gaming world. 

Keep an eye on Ultiverse as they continue to innovate and shape the future of Web3 gaming. Overall, Ultiverse serves as a prime example of how AI and blockchain can be combined to create groundbreaking solutions in various industries, including the rapidly growing world of gaming. 

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