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Unveiling the Shadows: 0N1Force’s New Epic Saga NFT Series | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


The Dawn of a Darker Era: The 0N1Force Ordinals Series

0N1Force, a vanguard in the NFT realm, has once again captured the imagination of the digital art and collector community with the launch of their latest NFT series, featuring 3,333 Ordinals. This new collection is not merely a continuation of their already popular lineup; it introduces a deeper, darker twist to the narrative, enriching the lore of the 0N1Force universe.

The Artistic Geniuses Behind the Saga

The latest series owes its stunning visuals and intricate designs to the collaborative genius of @trueIMCMPLX for the design and @L1n_Alex for the art. This partnership has birthed a collection that is not only visually appealing but also deeply embedded in a storyline that rivals epic sagas.

A Tale of Valor and Darkness

At the heart of this new series lies an engrossing storyline featuring epic battles, the eternal struggle between good and evil, and the survival of the Nameless 7. These warriors are the last stand against the tyranny of the f4ll3n, embodying the spirit of resistance and hope.

  1. The Battle of 0N1 and F4ll3n: A historic conflict led by The Emperor against the f4ll3n clan, culminating in the victory of 7777 warriors but at a great cost, leaving only 7 elite warriors standing.
  2. The Fall of 0N1: The aftermath reveals 0N1’s dual nature, housing both darkness and light, now vulnerable and oppressed by the F4ll3n.
  3. Nameless 7: The beacon of hope, these survivors invoke the original force, rallying the 7777 0N1s to rise from the ashes and rebuild.
  4. Zombie: The manifestation of vengeance, these beings represent the F4ll3n’s unyielding desire for revenge.

Awakening: An Immersive AI Experience

0N1Force is redefining NFT interaction with “Awakening,” an immersive experience that leverages AI to bestow unique characteristics upon each NFT. This innovation allows owners to actively participate in shaping their characters’ destinies through interactive quests, adding a layer of personalization and engagement previously unseen.

Exclusive Rewards for the Elite

For the devoted followers and collectors of 0N1 points, the anticipation for mint day is heightened by the promise of exclusive rewards. Those ranked in the top 100 are teased with a special surprise, hinting at extra rare traits that will undoubtedly enrich the collecting experience.

Anticipation Builds for the Next Web3 Milestone

With the mint set for two weeks from now, the excitement within the community is palpable. This series is not just another NFT drop; it represents the next chapter in Web3 creativity, community-driven storytelling, and the evolution of digital collectibles.


0N1Force’s latest NFT series introduces 3,333 darker, more intricate Ordinals, expanding their universe with a rich storyline of epic battles and the survival of the Nameless 7. Featuring collaborative art by @trueIMCMPLX and @L1n_Alex, the series also introduces “Awakening,” an AI-driven immersive experience for NFT owners. Exclusive rewards await the top 100 0N1 point holders, adding to the excitement of the upcoming mint.


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