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Alimo’s Artistic Odyssey: “Japanuary” on Nifty Gateway | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


A Winter Wonderland Through the Eyes of Alimo

The world of NFTs is brimming with innovation and creativity, and today we’re zooming in on a fascinating new collection from Alimo, a name synonymous with vivid post-pop imagery and enchanting artistic landscapes. His latest work, aptly titled “Japanuary,” is more than just a collection; it’s a visual diary, a homage to his winter snowboarding adventures in Japan.

Alimo: The Artist Behind the Canvas

Before diving into “Japanuary,” let’s appreciate the artist himself. Alimo is renowned for his unique style that combines curvy post-pop imagery, highly saturated colors, and vibrant hand-drawn letters. His art often features female figures set against flat tonal surfaces, creating a distinct and immersive visual experience.


The Essence of “Japanuary”

“Japanuary” is not just an NFT collection; it’s a portal into Alimo’s personal experiences in Japan. Each piece in this collection invites us into a different aspect of his journey, capturing the essence of Japan’s winter wonderland.

Exclusive Access and Engaging Events

The excitement kicks off with a presale exclusively for existing Nifty Gateway (NG) collectors of Alimo’s work. This sale opens on January 24th, offering a unique opportunity to acquire these NFTs at a special discounted price. What makes this collection even more intriguing is the randomized open edition format. Collectors won’t know which specific artwork they’ve acquired until after the sale, adding an element of surprise and anticipation.

Engage with Alimo: A Twitter Space Conversation

To gain deeper insights into “Japanuary,” join the conversation with Alimo on Twitter Spaces. This is a fantastic opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to interact directly with the artist and learn more about his inspirations and processes.

The Collection: A Blend of Digital and Physical Art

Each NFT in this collection isn’t just a digital asset; it’s also an entry ticket to win one of two physical paintings, augmented with TRACE technology by Transient Labs. These are not just any paintings; they’re large-scale, acrylic on canvas masterpieces, each valued at approximately $7,000.

Special Airdrops for Collectors

In addition to the chance of winning a physical painting, collectors are rewarded with special airdrops. Those who collect three NFTs from the “Japanuary” series will receive one free airdrop, while those collecting six will receive two.

Join the Live Draw

Post the 24-hour sale window, a live stream will take place where the community will find out who the lucky winners of the physical paintings are. This interactive event is sure to be a highlight for the NFTCulture community.

Holders that collect 3 NFTs will receive 1 FREE airdrop. Holders that collect 6 NFTs will receive 2 FREE airdrops.

After the 24-hour window closes, we’ll do a livestream with the community and do a LIVE drawing to see who the 2 lucky WINNERS are.

Randomized Open Editions – $75

  • Japanuary – Available for 24 hours, 6 randomly distributed editions, exclusive discounted presale available for Alimo holders


Physical Painting Live Drawings*

  • shinshin – Augmented with TRACE by Transient Labs
  • japow – Augmented with TRACE by Transient Labs
    • *Winners are subject to pay for shipping


  • yudetate ramen – Airdrop reserved for collectors of at least 3 editions during the Japanuary primary sale
  • jihanki vending machine – Airdrop reserved for collectors of 6 editions during the Japanuary primary sale


“Japanuary” by Alimo on Nifty Gateway is a visual diary of his snowboarding trips in Japan, featuring his signature curvy post-pop imagery. The collection includes a randomized open edition, special airdrops, and a chance to win augmented physical paintings. Engage with Alimo on Twitter Spaces and join the live drawing event post-sale.


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