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Epic Games’ Next Web3 Hit


In a significant move for blockchain gaming, “Nyan Heroes” — a highly anticipated Solana-based battle royale shooter — is set to make its debut on the Epic Games Store.

Nyan Heroes’ NFTs and Airdrops

Before its debut on the Epic Games Store, Nyan Heroes had already gained traction in the NFT arena with its Solana-based PFPs. According to CoinGecko, it experienced a notable increase in value, boasting a market cap of $2,100,486 (22,216 $SOL) — a 17.6% rise in just 24 hours.

The game’s studio “Developer 9 Lives Interactive” is further spicing things up with hints of an upcoming airdrop for its community. However, details about its nature – NFTs or crypto tokens – remain speculative.

The game’s official Twitter account further heightens anticipation, promising an “epic” airdrop in 2024 and inviting the blockchain community to join in this grand journey.

Solana’s Booming P2E Scene 

Solana’s P2E gaming ecosystem is thriving, with the $SOL token’s value more than doubling since October and Solana NFTs overriding Ethereum ones in a historic first at the beginning of this year.

The blockchain network’s resurgence has spotlighted various P2E games on the platform, where players can earn $SOL or other tokens within the Solana ecosystem. Notable games boosting the ecosystem include, Stepn, and Aurory.

As Nyan Heroes prepares for its Epic Games Store debut, the game stands as a testament to the growing intersection of gaming, blockchain, and NFTs, promising a unique and engaging experience for players worldwide.

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