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World of Women NFT Universe Launches Monopoly: WoW Galaxy Edition


The World of Women (WoW) NFT project is joining forces with WS Game Company, under a license from Hasbro, to unveil a special edition of Monopoly named Monopoly: WoW Galaxy Edition. This exciting release is scheduled for October 17, marking a significant crossover between traditional board games and the burgeoning NFT space.

Celebrating WoW’s Web3 Community

Monopoly: WoW Galaxy Edition is designed to honor the robust web3 community of WoW by incorporating custom illustrations within the game. This edition is not merely a game but a celebration of the digital frontier, showcasing the vibrant interaction between iconic characters of the WoW universe and the timeless Monopoly gameplay.

Kerry Adis from WS Game Company pointed out the exclusive gameplay experience this edition offers. With custom tokens symbolizing legendary WoW characters and a reimagined board mirroring the essence of the WoW Universe, players are in for a distinctive venture. This edition seeks to bridge the conventional with the contemporary, providing a gateway for players into the boundless realms of digital interaction.

A Galactic Tour with a Novel Economy

Monopoly: WoW Galaxy Edition invites players on a galactic tour across the WoW Universe, introducing a unique economy to the classic game. As players navigate through this imaginative domain, Ethereum (ETH) serves as the fuel money, accentuating the cryptocurrency’s role in modern digital economies. Furthermore, gold-toned tokens in this edition acknowledge notable web3 communities like Bored Ape Yacht Club, VeeFriends, CryptoPunks, CloneX, and Cool Cats, illustrating the interconnectedness of the NFT space.

Yam Karkai, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of WoW, helmed the creative direction of this board, with the aspiration to reinvigorate the classic game. By combining traditional Monopoly elements with updated visuals and messages, this edition aims to educate and expand their community on digital currency and decentralization. It’s an endeavor to leverage the cross-generational appeal of Monopoly to enlighten a wider audience about the evolving digital landscape.

Expanding Intellectual Property Horizons

This collaboration signifies a substantial intellectual property expansion for WoW. It manifests a symbiotic convergence of art, activism, and entertainment, portraying how traditional games can evolve and educate in the era of NFTs and digital currencies.

Monopoly: WoW Galaxy Edition is more than just a game; it’s a journey through the imaginative WoW universe, offering both entertainment and education, as it guides players through the nuances of digital economies in a fun and engaging manner. Through this innovative collaboration, WoW, WS Game Company, and Hasbro are not just redefining gameplay but are setting a precedent for future intersections between the traditional gaming world and the digital frontier.

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