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Steve Aoki and 3LAU Debut New Song as Punx Duo


Grammy-nominated electronic music icons, Steve Aoki and Justin “3LAU” Blau, have announced “Concentrate,” their first track as Punx, a duo inspired by the CryptoPunks NFT collection. The single, set to release on April 28, seeks to embody the spirit of what CryptoPunks represent: underground, techie, and futuristic. 

The fast-paced electronic music track will be released on 3LAU’s Web3 music rights platform, Royal, which aims to democratize ownership of music and support artists through NFTs that grant rights to a percentage of a song’s royalties. Half of all royalties from “Concentrate” will be given away to 99 NFT collectors chosen from among Blau’s NFT holders, Aoki’s A0k1verse Passport NFT holders, and CryptoPunks NFT holders.

“Releasing ‘Concentrate’ as part of Punx is a major moment for us. It offers our earliest supporters and believers a unique opportunity to co-own the song with me and Aoki. By launching the Punx project on Royal, we’re not only pushing creative boundaries, but we’re also empowering our community to be a part of our journey and share in our success from day one. It’s a new era for music, and I’m proud to be at the forefront of this exciting movement,” said 3LAU in a statement.

Punx Makes its Mark in the Web3 Space

Blau, who is also the CEO of Royal, spoke about the shared affinity that brought him and Aoki together as Punx. Aoki was one of the first DJs to listen to Blau when he was ranting about NFTs back in the day, and he got it immediately because he’s already a collector of all other types of things.

Both Aoki and 3LAU have made numerous moves across the Web3 world, with 3LAU holding the record for the biggest music NFT sale, fetching $11.6 million at auction in 2021. Meanwhile, Aoki earned $4 million from his first NFT collection and claims to have made more money from Web3 than all his record label advances.

The collaboration between Aoki and 3LAU and the release of “Concentrate” is an exciting development for fans of electronic music and the NFT market. The announcement of Punx  showcases the increasing synergy between the music industry and the NFT market. Artists and musicians are increasingly recognizing the potential of NFTs to democratize ownership of music, support artists, and connect with fans. Punx is the latest music project to leverage the permissive license of NFT avatar projects, allowing 3LAU and Aoki to use their CryptoPunks to promote and monetize their music. By using the themes of CryptoPunks and the underlying technology of NFTs, Punx is seeking to create a new type of music experience that puts fans and artists at the center of the creative process.

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