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NFT Whale Spends Almost $1 Million On 69 DeGods


An NFT whale has spent close to $1 million to snap up 69 DeGods NFTs. The move comes amid an upcoming bridge to Ethereum by the NFT project. The NFT heavyweight, who goes by the name Pokeee.eth on Twitter, promised to make the purchase on January 13 as a show of support for DeGods transition to Ethereum.

However, he had one demand, that his tweet on the same topic got 1,000 likes from his followers. Three days later, with over 2,500 likes, Pokeee.eth got to work and purchased 69 DeGods NFTs worth about $900,000. The purchase was made through Magic Eden using its sweep the floortool.

The tool allows NFT buyers to buy an unlimited number of NFTs from a given project. Most users will employ the tool to pick up several low-priced NFTs in a project, betting the collection might be successful in the future. It’s a much faster process when compared to having to select more expensive assets. And a clip shared by Pokeee.eth bears witness to this.

Interestingly, the purchase would not have been successful had Magic Eden not updated the bulk buying feature. Up until last Sunday, you could only buy up to 50 NFTs at a time. However, after a complaint from an interested buyer who described the limit as inconveniencing for prospective bulk buyers, it was updated to accommodate more pieces.

Whale Who Bought 69 DeGods NFTs Runs A Private Crypto Fund

After some digging, it becomes apparent that Pokeee isn’t new to the NFT space. He owns an Ethereum wallet that holds 3 valuable Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs plus many other NFT collections.

That said, Pokeee offered Magic Eden an interview in which he reveals that he runs a private crypto fund. On his motivations for the purchase, he notes:

“My purpose of this investment is actually to have them bridged to ETH,” he said. “Due to on-chain risks, I wasn’t able to deploy larger portions of my portfolio into Solana. I was having fun in Solana on smaller NFTs and mints back then.”

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