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Music Mogul Launches 5000 Hip-Hop/R&B Genre Artist Packs


It’s time for the second NFT pack sale from Music Mogul – the new Play and Own game by Wax Studios.

On Thursday, August 4th at 1 pm ET, Music Mogul will drop 5000 ‘Hip-Hop/R&B Genre Artist’ packs, all priced at $75 each.

The latest blockbuster on the WAX blockchain allows you to manage a Roster of Musicians and build your own musical empire.

What’s Music Mogul all about?

In essence, Music Mogul positions you as the head honcho, letting you feel what it’s like to be a big player in the music industry and make all the key strategic decisions.

‘Hip-Hop/R&B Genre Artists’ will be the second NFT pack sale out of five genres in total, giving players an opportunity to begin building their Roster of Artists.

Each Genre pack contains 25 unique Artist NFTs, which gives owners a variety of talent to add to their repertoire of Musicians.

Indeed, to be as successful as possible in Music Mogul, players will need to include all genres in their repertoire.

Music Mogul ‘Pop Star Genre’ Artists released in June

PvE and PvP gameplay

In the PvE game, Musicians come with different Star Levels and you will need to send them out Touring to earn Keys.

Each Tour will be an opportunity to earn Keys and further build your empire.

Additionally, the PvP aspect of the game will rouse the competitive fires and is all about Recording and Chart Topping.

You will need to spend your Keys sending Musicians for Recording sessions, and in return, they will bring you Notes – the second currency of the game.

Music Mogul gameplay is akin to a fantasy football strategy game, and you will need to carefully craft a winning team of Artists to make a noise in the industry.

As an aspiring Music Mogul, your Roster of Musicians will need to have depth and Star Power in order to compete in the various charts.

Naturally, a Country Artist (future Genre pack release) won’t be able to compete on the Hip-Hop/R&B Charts, so having variety really does matter in this game.

A game of strategy

Thus, you will be responsible for key strategic decisions like: which artist should I send into the Recording Studio? Who should send on Tour?

These decisions will ultimately impact your ranking in comparison to other players’ Rosters, which is where the real rewards are won in the game.

Establishing notoriety as a Music Mogul all depends on your position on that leaderboard, and you can get your name on that leaderboard once you purchase an NFT pack.

Don’t miss out!

In total, there are only 5000 ‘Hip-Hop/R&B Genre Artist’ packs, so if you’re serious about being a Music Mogul – be there when it matters, on Thursday August 4th.

For more information on the pack sale, you can visit the Music Mogul website or jump into the Discord channel for regular updates and community connection.

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