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Play2Earn Expo Asia Coverage: Gala Music Takes Fans to Snoop Dogg BBQ


Sarah Buxton has announced that Gala Music will be taking a group of fans to enjoy a live barbecue with Snoop Dogg.

The Gala COO stole the show at Play2Earn Expo Asia on Thursday with an impactful speech about the power of Web3 in the entertainment sector. 

She revealed that Gala Music had already spent $2 billion on rewards for the community, but that the benefits of Web3 didn’t stop with financial gains.

Buxton spoke about how the full potential of NFTs would be realized when they’re attached to an economy and experience, not just a transient benefit like an image. 

Hence, Gala Music will be taking a group of fans to see Snoop Dogg in real life, to enjoy a BBQ with him and Warren G, who will be cooking!

Buxton said: “In what world other than Web3 could this happen? In what other world would normal people get to hang out with legends like Snoop Dogg. It wouldn’t happen. It couldn’t happen. That’s what’s so exciting about this. It’s taking the barriers down and allowing people to be rewarded, to gain real value and that’s something which can surely exist in this life.”

She continued: “You get to benefit, not just because the artist’s listens are going up and you own the NFT, but probably because you’ve met them, you’ve had an evening where you listened to them play, and you’ve been cited as the superfan who helped them get there”

During her impressive speech, Buxton revealed that Gala Music had already spent $2 billion on its community, which has been distributed in rewards. 

Gala Music have been making waves recently, signing a deal with super band Kings of Leon amongst other huge names in the entertainment industry. 

Indeed, it’s not only the super bands and big names that can benefit from Web3.

Those musicians with 20,000 followers, according to Sarah Buxton, can enjoy a career doing what they love in Web3.

She said: “With Web3 you can be a musician, have 20,000 followers and if they’re willing to give you $1 a month, you can be a (full time) musician. Think how far that can go when resources are infinite, and they are in the Web3 world.”

Buxton said it was time to focus on creating real value for the wider Web3 community and not for those who are looking to make a quick profit from an NFT. 

Moreover, she talked about interoperability in entertainment being the key, with opportunities for musicians to appear in films, or a fan’s  NFT avatar appearing in a music video. 

On this note, interoperability has been a major focus of the Gala ecosystem as a whole. 

Recently they announced a deal with Epic Games, whereby those with an Epic Games login can log directly into the Gala ecosystem. 

What is more, Gala Games’ blockchain game ‘Grit’ recently became the first NFT game to be adopted by the Epic Games store, in a historic partnership.

With Gala building a serious head of steam in the world of Web3 entertainment, stay tuned for more updates from this Web3 juggernaut.  

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