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Gen-0 NFT Harvesting and What to Expect


Nestled in the clearing of a forest, there is a village that overlooks the northern sea. With idyllic homes and fertile soil, farmers wander here to escape the world and focus on the quaint joys of life. Now with thousands of farmers harvesting their crops, catching fresh fish, and remaining vigilant against the predators looking to invade, DeFi Land is growing into a robust and sustainable ecosystem. Though there are many here who are content to dwell in this paradise, some keep their eyes fixed on the horizon in search of the next adventure. For so long, they made ends meet with their simple tools like the wooden fishing rod and the 4-ammo revolver. But those farmers who wished to advance their technology took a chance on magic seeds. At first, they were tiny sprouts but soon these magic seeds blossomed into beautiful flowers of all colors from yellow to red to purple and blue. Now, the harvest is only days away, and those who nurtured their seeds will be rewarded with new adventures. The time has finally come to turn the page and begin a new chapter of DeFi Land.


Dear DeFi Landers,

Can you believe we are already nearing the end of our watering event? On February 15th we minted 7500 NFT seeds that could be planted in DeFi Land and watered for 30 days. While many DeFi Landers were surprised by the difficulty of daily watering, we were constantly impressed by their dedication to this one-of-a-kind NFT drop. In fact, we are on track to have over 3500 DeFi Landers achieve Tier 1 and a guaranteed 4 Gen-0 NFTs. These Gen-0 NFTs have direct utility by unlocking Play and Earn in our next major update. With our very first NFT Harvesting Day coming up soon, we would like to discuss the details of our first Harvest Day, the exclusive value of Gen-0 NFTs, and new details about our Play and Earn update. Let’s start by recapping your incredible accomplishments from the watering event:

Part of NFT Claiming process

Preparing for Harvest Day

The watering event officially ends on March 18, 2022 at 6:30 PM UTC. At this time, watering will stop and a snapshot will be taken to calculate the optimal distribution of rarities among our farmers. We will be using a unique Metaplex Candy Machine for each type of NFT and each Tier. This means we need to set up the code for 12 different Candy Machines to ensure a fair distribution. This process will end in 3 days and NFT claiming will be available starting from March 21, 2022, 6:30 PM UTC. We believe this extra effort will reward you with the smoothest drop possible. When you harvest your plant, all you will need is a small amount of $SOL to handle the transactions and the NFTs will appear in your DeFi Land inventory and public wallet. Because this is a smart contract transaction, you must harvest your plant to receive Gen-0 NFTs. They will not appear automatically in your wallet. If you have a not-planted seed after March 18, you will have 2 months to plant it and harvest a single Gen-0 NFT.

Do you remember how each NFT comes with a specific set of attributes? This is actually very important to how we will ensure a fair distribution of NFT rarities. Let’s take the fishing rod, for example. The fishing rod has a body, float, hook, and reel. When you claim your NFT, you might have unique rarities for each attribute. That means you might get a legendary body, a rare float, an ordinary hook, and a common reel. This will give a diverse range of rarities across different NFTs. You will want to consider the advantages of each attribute based on their utility and your ambitions in the game. We are even creating an in-game marketplace for you to filter different rarities based on your desired attributes to help you find the perfect NFT for your playing style!

Worth More Than a Quick Flip

As the clock ticks down to the harvest, we will be releasing more sneak peaks for the NFTs, including their design, attributes, utility, and more. During this time, you might be wondering: what should I do with my Gen-0 NFT once it’s in my wallet? At that point, it will be yours and you can do whatever you want with it. Just like the seeds, it will be tradeable and transferrable. However, we encourage DeFi Landers to consider the exclusive benefits of Gen-0 NFTs that provide long-term in-game value, such as:

DeFi Land Gen-0 Fishing Rods

Did you miss your chance to earn a Gen-0 NFT? No problem! You can purchase one on a secondary marketplace and remember, DeFi Land is free-to-play even if you don’t own an NFT. You can still enjoy our minigames, edit your village, visit your friends’ land, use our in-game aggregator to perform token swaps, and yield farm dozens of token pairs.

Diverse Utility and Income Generation

Our current projections put us on track for about 18000 Gen-0 NFTs. At first, this might strike you as a large number but the variety of NFTs gives us an advantage. Unlike having an expensive character NFT that is required to access the game, each Gen-0 NFT has utility in a specific minigame or activity in DeFi Land. The Gen-0 NFTs consist of the fishing rod, the hunting gun, the harvester, and the pets. This gives our users a variety of opportunities for earning income by owning just one Gen-0 NFT. If you love to fish and you want to start earning, you only need the Gen-0 Fishing Rod. If passive income is more your style, send your adorable Gen-0 pet out for an adventure to do the work for you. Here’s a detailed look at what to expect from each Play and Earn activity in DeFi Land using your Gen-0 NFT:

DeFi Land Gen-0 Guns

It will be essential to take good care of your items and animals. Our NFTs rely on an energy system, meaning they have a limited number of uses before they need to be repaired. We will give exact numbers and formulas for how the energy system works very soon. We believe you will find these mechanics very interesting and engaging.

Play and Earn will be our next major update after the NFT distribution. We plan to release Play and Earn in late March/early April, once we have fully tested the new minigames and reward mechanics. Our new $Gold token will be the main prize and currency for the DeFi Land game. This is important because the $Gold token and our NFT ecosystem will be 100% community driven, scarce, and tradeable. Our $DFL token remains a top priority as a staking and governance token with in-game utility and burning mechanisms. We are constantly working to ensure that we can create a sustainable economy that rewards our players and investors.

DeFi Land Gen-0 NFT Cats

Always Looking Onward

Play and Earn expands the limitless frontier of our future. It is time we immerse ourselves in the next chapter, where new minigames and new adventures begin to unravel the soul and story of DeFi Land. On-going challenges will be finishing soon, so hurry up to help your team secure a winning spot. On the other hand, as promised and expected, PvP will be one of the top priorities going into the summer. Competing with fellow farmers for the prizes while having fun and earning rewards will be amazing! We are proud to bring you Play and Earn, and we can’t wait for you to dive into all our new features. Let’s write the story of DeFi Land together. We’ll see you on NFT Harvesting Day!

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