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MLB NFTs fantasy baseball game coming soon from Sorare


Sorare is a popular NFT fantasy soccer (football) platform, and the company is ready to expand its offerings with the upcoming Major League Baseball Ethereum NFT Fantasy game.

Sports leagues in the NFT space

NFTs have come a long way in the last few months. Few people will dispute this fact; in a relatively short amount of time, NFTs have gone from a fringe idea to a full-blown, generally accepted innovation that’s already changing lives and impacting communities.

Sports leagues and teams globally have realized that NFTs and the general Web3 economy can be a practical key to activating a world of revenue that did not exist 24 months ago. More importantly, sports leagues and teams can utilize NFTs as a means of helping these entities better interact with their fan bases. Whether these leagues are primarily in the NFT ecosystem for profits or the good of their fans, time will tell.

The latest sports entity in the long line of sports entities to delve deeper into the NFT ecosystem is the Major League Baseball. The MLB and MLBPA recently partnered with Sorare to deliver a thrilling Ethereum NFT fantasy game.

After building its fantasy soccer game into one of the most successful, it was an easy choice for the MLB and MLBPA to choose Sorare as its partner for the upcoming Ethereum NFT-based fantasy game. With a valuation of $4.3 billion, Sorare is in a better position than it has ever been to deliver a fantastic fantasy baseball game.


MLB x Sorare

The upcoming NFT game will offer digital trading cards featuring the likeness of professional players featured as Ethereum-based NFT collectibles. Players can easily trade these digital collectibles with each other. When you hold digital collectibles of players, you can utilize them in your fantasy lineups and earn points based on the on-field performance of the real-world players in your lineup.

Ryan Spoon, Sorare’s COO, had the following to share about the MLB game project, 

“MLB is, for many people—myself included—their first experience with fantasy sports; it is a sport that is very rhythmic, math-driven, and stats-based, with tons of positions and players, scouting and prospects, and stars versus call-ups. It’s going to be a blast.”

It’s also worth noting that Baseball is a sport that, has a long history with trading cards, and Sorare is one of the companies interested in continuing that legacy in the digital realm.

Sports collectibles driving the NFT boom

Sports collectibles have been one of the most significant catalysts of the NFT boom; if you take a look at projects like NBA Top Shot and Autograph by Tom Brady, the allure for digital sports trading cards becomes apparent.

It’s great to see sports leagues and teams vigorously adopting the digital economy. However, the new partnership with Sorare leaves many wondering what the future might hold for the MLB’s existing NFT deal with startup Candy Digital. Topps is another company that has also released digital MLB trading cards, but both Topps and Candy Digital are now majority-owned by Fanatics.

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