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The In-World Builder is Now Open to Everyone!


This post was originally published on Decentraland

The In-World Builder that’s been available to LAND owners since last year can now be used by everyone in Decentraland.

Decentraland’s In-World Builder lets you create visual scenes that can be deployed in-world by just dragging and dropping items from the catalog into your scene (scenes are called ‘projects’ before they’ve been published), like the one in the photo above. You can move, rotate, scale, duplicate, etc all items to create the scene of your dreams! If you own LAND, you will also be able to publish the scenes you’re working on onto your plot and see them in-world.

You may have already used the Web Builder in the past, which was already open for everyone to use. While the two editors are similar, you should find that the interface of the In-World Builder is easier to use. It doesn’t yet support smart items, land metrics, or the exporting/importing of scenes from other editing programs, and new packages cannot yet be added to the catalog, but it is still a work in progress.

Ultimately, the In-World Builder will replace the Web Builder to become the main scene-editing tool for Decentraland. For now, the two builders are compatible and you can edit the same scene in both. If you’re interested in the creation of scenes in Decentraland, be sure to stay tuned for more news of improvements and updates!

Want to learn more about the In-World Builder? Check out our original announcement article.

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