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NFT Daily Drop 2/8/22 – NFT Culture


The market cool off is real. Take a break. These are the projects that look

Thoughts: We’re back in project hype season. There are over 25 projects dropping today. These made it through the filter. This is the period that feels “toppy” Never Financial Advice, but it’s always okay to realize gains.


1️⃣ VeVe – Marvel Digital Comics — Hero For Hire #1
Drop Info
10:00 AM
6.99 GEMS /30,000
Total Editions: 30,000
COMMON — Classic Cover: 21,000
UNCOMMON — Vintage Variant: 5,000
RARE — Hero Variant: 2,350
ULTRA RARE — Vibranium Variant: 1,050
SECRET RARE — True Believer Variant: 600

6:00 PM
0.2112 :eth: /10,560

3️⃣ Fortune Friends Club

Drop Info
7:00 PM
0.055 :eth: /8,888

Genies Drop (Genies Members only)

11:00 AM
20 :eth: /1,000
Price and supply listed are a placeholder. Dont know the price or supply.

Tomorrow’s drop will still be FCFS but we’ve adjusted the mechanics again to compensate (more info below). We’re still waiting on timelines from Dapper on our queueing system and you will be the first to know once we have not only the timelines, but also details of what the system will look like.
– Until we have our queueing system, we’re testing a new strategy with our drop mechanics creating one outfit that’s common and a second outfit that’s rare. This should help separate those who want to be a little more risky but focus on the Rare items from those who want to make sure they get something and focus on the Common items. Excited to see how the drop plays out


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