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Star Luke Goss NFT Collection in the Works with Peter Luo’s Stars Collective


It was revealed today that Luke Goss, the multi-talented artist and one half of the phenomenally successful BAFTA winning British band BROS, is creating his first NFTs in collaboration with Peter Luo’s Stars Collective.

A creator of music, film, books, photography and art, each expression of Luke’s is filled with messages to inspire audiences is releasing a multi-piece art collection entitled “Love and Faith” through Stars Collective.

Goss has written 50 new songs over the course of the pandemic, and many will also manifest as NFTs that will soon be available to the public.

The first NFT being introduced is an animated NFT based on Luke’s original painting Talitha. Goss said, “I feel a profound connection to Talitha and the miracle this painting represents, and I am proud and thankful she is my first serigraph and NFT.” Goss wrote and produced an original new song “You Made Me Who I Am”, which accompanies the NFT.  

In March 2022, a limited lifetime run of only 333 museum grade Talitha serigraphs will drop on a new Stars Collective platform launching also in March. Stars Collective and its partners are working together to build this one-stop Metaverse platform with the goal to reach 100 million users globally.

The Talitha NFT is packaged with Goss’ original song, the buyers will also receive a museum quality serigraph measuring 60” x 40”, representing the actual size of the original work of art, hand-signed and numbered by Goss. The museum quality serigraph produced by the artist is a tangible representation of his work and having a physical collectible product also makes the NFT more collectible. 

“Like any new arena or pioneering idea, one needs to find the right home. Never more than with art is that resting place of like-mindedness and an equal love, excitement, and respect for the artistic process itself be more important. After years of knowing Peter, and certainly a person I value as a dear friend, Stars Collective and the vision Peter has sits perfectly within ethos and commitment to mine re the artistic and philanthropic world. I feel honored to be working with a friend and the team at Stars Collective. They are talented, passionate, and driven by artistic integrity. It has taken over a year and some changing faces in this search for a partner that wants to bring love in an effective way to art and the voice it can have in this world of ever-changing opportunities and technology. This is the beginning of the most exciting creative project of my life so far.”

Goss added, “Painting was a new frontier for me as an artist, and part of the fun was breaking new ground. When I first learned about NFTs and how they can establish a stronger connection between the art and the people who appreciate it, I knew that was another pioneering space I had to be involved with.”

For the past 20 years, Goss has been enjoying his passion for cinema in Hollywood, having acted under acclaimed visionary director Guillermo del Toro in “Blade II” and “Hellboy 2” as Prince Nuada. Goss is a published writer of books, including the London Times bestseller for his searingly honest autobiography “I Owe You Nothing.”

Luke Goss at work

Meanwhile, Peter Luo (“Crazy Rich Asians,” “Malignant,” “Midway”), the founder and CEO of Stars Collective and Starlight Media, is venturing into the Metaverse and blockchain space, setting a path for Stars Collective as a one stop shop for NFT initiatives raging from ideation and creation to IP collaborations, distribution, sales, and more.

Stars Collective launched in 2020 to support emerging filmmakers and is now dedicated to NFTs and correlating technologies shaping the future of entertainment and commerce with the Metaverse as well. NFTs created with Stars Collective will be introduced and sold as a way to engage fans globally and is using the NFT medium to continue to expand the universe around movies – presenting a new form of storytelling.

Through his companies Stars Collective and Starlight Media, Peter Lou has a pipeline of IP that generates a diverse array of NFT opportunities. Stars Collective has signed nearly 200 talented filmmakers/artists with whom Stars Collective will be exploring NFT collaborations in addition to traditional movies.

High profile talent development deals have led to Starlight and Stars Collective developing and financing films and TV series such as the supernatural horror film “UMMA” for Sony Pictures, which is a collaboration with Sam Rami, and stars Sandra Oh; “Hunting Season,” a time travel thriller from “John Wick” franchise writer Derek Kolstad, which will be produced by James Wan with his Atomic Monster partner Michael Clear, and “Transformers” producer Don Murphy; “The Bellhop,” produced by Sylvester Stallone under his Balboa Productions banner, starring Iko Uwais; an action/crime/thriller trilogy starring Thai martial arts and action star Tony Jaa; “Golden Empire”, starring Donnie Yen; Award-winning Thai filmmaker Baz Poonpiriya’s horror / mystery / thriller “The Innkeeper”; a television series adaptation of Rebecca F. Kuang’s award-winning fantasy novel trilogy: “The Poppy War”, “Dragon Republic” and “The Burning God”; and a TV series adapted from the popular action/fantasy/thriller novel “Stone Junction” that will be directed by Alan Taylor (“Game of Thrones,” “Sopranos,” “Thor: The Dark World”), among many others.

Said Luo, “A true renaissance man, Luke is not afraid to try his hand or lend his natural talents at various mediums of self-expression. His art combines philosophy, faith and love, and we’re behind him 100%”

Luo added, “NFTs are one of the most natural use cases of blockchain technology and are driving thousands of new users, interactions and transactions each day. In serving the Metaverse sector, our mission is to be an incubator, accelerator, and storytelling mechanism for a new generation of creators who intersect the entertainment ecosystem and metaverse. We are providing exciting new opportunities for young storytellers and a home for them to ideate and create.”

About Stars Collective

Peter Luo’s Stars Collective helps promote the next generation of diverse voices and creative storytellers, and accelerates the female power movement. The trailblazing Stars Collective supports all types of creators, paving the way for new aesthetics driven by top young creative talent and powerful new voices.

Through Stars Collective, filmmakers and artists are afforded the opportunity to develop content with the guidance of industry luminaries such as directors Sam Raimi, John M. Chu , Alan Taylor and Rob Minkoff, actor Xiaoming Huang,and producers Donna Gigliotti, Gianni Nunnari, Chris Lee, Sanping Han, Paula Wagner, Patrick Wachsberger, Eric Heumann, Liming Ke, and Anthony Maccarten.

The filmmakers and their mentors work one-on-one with each other, and the collaborations continue through the release of the films.

Stars Collective has been greeted with such positive reception it is now supporting over 170 filmmakers, artists and creators around the world, the majority of which are female and represent a highly diverse mix of nationalities, ethnicities, races, and personal and professional backgrounds. Stars Collective integrates global resources by bringing together local alliances of film producers and film commissions, throughout Europe for instance, in order to spark the production of more films with distinctive styles and genres.

Stars Collective recently wrapped production on award winning filmmaker Justin Chon’s latest feature, “JAMOJAYA,” starring globally renown music artist Rich Brian. Chon (“Blue Bayou,” “Gook”) wrote, directed, and produced the English-language music drama. The movie marks the first of three projects that Stars Collective will produce this year, and the only one directed, executive produced, and starring Asian/Asian American talent. Stars Collective, alongside Stars Collective mentor Donna Gigliotti (Oscar® winning producer of “Shakespeare in Love,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Hidden Figures”) executive produced Soudade Kaadan’s upcoming Syrian war drama “Nezouh.” The company also recently acquired the rights to the Thomas Mendolia directed horror short, “Mr. Thisforthat,” and is developing and producing a feature adaptation that Mendolia will direct.

A new partnership with Beijing Film Academy (BFA), through its educational institute BFA Century Group, establishes academic and educational projects in the global film industry, cultivates global talents, explores and promotes cutting-edge film production technology, and incubates global films with diversity and originality. The cooperation between Beijing Film Academy focuses on creative endeavors associated with the incubation, development, packaging, financing, production and distribution of wide-ranging content for a global audience, as well as specialized training in new and emerging areas of the entertainment ecosystem.

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