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Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Stats

My name is Vasja and I hate statistics.

My strong dislike of the field started when I failed my first statistics exam at university, failed my second take, passed the third time, only to then fail Advanced Statistical Methods (basically another term for “Statistics, but Somehow Even Harder”). I eventually passed the exam and said “never again” with such determination that I would have bet anything that I will never ever again have to deal with stats, charts and spreadsheets.

Fast forward ten years: I co-founded a statistics service for musicians.

My hate for stats turned out to be a good thing, as it helped make Viberate become very user-friendly. We wanted to create a tool for people who love music but dislike working with numbers. I often say that we’re merging the nerdiest of all sciences with the coolest of all industries.

The music market is evolving at an unbelievable pace, and data’s the way to keep track.

Although I still have nightmares about not passing a stat exam, I’ve managed to surround myself with much smarter people with a passion for crunching numbers. In fact, they just crunched the entire 2021 into a (crunchy?) report that turns huge amounts of stats into visualized trends and findings you can work with.

Check it out — it’s completely free. I also promise it’s so interesting, well-written and easy to understand that you’ll binge-read it on a Friday night instead of going out.*

*Let’s pretend we still go out on Fridays instead of staying home and looking at the latest Covid stats, ok?

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