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Cometh ☄️ Balancing Report #3: Hazardous Asteroid


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  • Cometh Battle balancing period has been running for 30 days with a total of 3,000 games played so far!
  • Average duration of the battles has been steady at 10 minutes since last update
  • This new versions bring 12 news cards with unique mechanisms
  • Experimental feature is introduced: NFT chat
  • Several graphics and animations have been added
e.g Stake DAO Leviathan NFT

Space battles with card based actions

Cometh Battle is built as a free-to-play tactical card game. Players must strategically combine spaceship and deck before confrontation and handle battle hazards. The game rewards the smartests in deck crafting and most agile in combat.

Cometh Battle uses blockchain based play and earn mechanics. Players own their ship and cards in forms of NFT they can trade, sell, lend and use any way they like. Designed with a focus on fair competitive play, players unlock valuable resources through their successes in the game.

In fight NFT Chat

Cometh battle now reads all the NFT you have on the wallet you are playing with and lets you access them during the game. This experimental feature is for now limited to chatting with your opponent but this paves the way for interoperability, customization and exclusive game experiences.

Using an Doki DokiAzuki Spacegirl to taunt

We will continuously improve this feature and involve it more in the gameplay.

New batch of Cards

This new release brings 12 new cards for the deck builders.

The new cards include more damage dealers, secrets and drawing opportunities.

Themed decks will have more opportunities to leverage specific mechanics. Our playtests also showed that players can now expect the card picking order to have a bigger impact on the outcome of the game.

A new orbiter is now available, it will let its controller draw 1 additional card per turn. Compensating the new drawing options, the card “Infection” invades the deck of a player with “Parasite” cards that will be inevitably drawn instead of more useful cards.

Improved visuals

The artist team working on this project has been growing rapidly. The look and feel of the game is set to improve a lot starting with more animations for the orbiters, new effects, new shields, etc…

Next steps

The upcoming weeks will be the last before the release of the crafting and game economics. This is all bringing Cometh very close to public impact!

The team will be attending NFT Paris on the 22nd of January (come and chat with us at the Cometh Booth if you’re attending!). Our founder Jerome de Tychey will be giving a keynote talk about Arts, culture, gaming and economy in the metaverse​ at LEAP Riyadh on the 1st of February.

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☄️ Listing to Space tunes on Cometh’s Youtube channel and Soundcloud.

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