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Unconventional Couple Club,Created by “People”,to onboard Sonior Ark.

Sonior is the collective name for a group of outstanding people who are kind-hearted, philanthropic, sincere, and keen on creation.

In the SINSO ecosystem, each Sonior has an exclusive number for his/her decentralized identity, and owns 10GB of free storage space. As a fan and supporter of SINSO, Sonior voluntarily contributes to the SINSO ecosystem in all-around ways, as well as enjoys privileged airdrops and priority to participate in SINSO-initiated projects. In the UniArts ecosystem, each Sonior is an appreciator of NFT and can vote for NFT by staking UART/WETH, and then get rewards from voting results, which is UniArts’ unique Appreciate-To-Earn mechanism, also known as Vote-To-Earn or Vote-Mining.

God decided to bring a devastating flood to the earth to punish mankind for wanton destruction. God found Noah, a man full of righteousness and kindness, and instructed him to build a big ark to save himself and his family, as well as livestock, land animals, birds, etc. After Jehovah stopped the rain, the flood receded, and the ark came to rest on a mountain. Jehovah sent a wind to dry the ground. When the rainbow reappeared, it meant that Noah has successfully saved himself and his family, thus love and hope continued beyond the ever after.

The passage of time has witnessed creations and cognition advance while “standing on the shoulders of giants.” The unprecedented prosperity of the Internet era will be greeted by a Metaverse traversing barriers beyond geography, complexion, age, ideology, and even the dimension of time, as human value expands infinitely in the digital age. The Sonior Metaverse Ark steered by SINSO and UniArts is about to set sail at this moment. We invite all Soniors to create NFTs and bring your lover and your beloved pet animals to join the Unconventional Couple Club and onboard the ark heading for the future Metaverse.

While Noah built the Ark in the face of a disaster, our Go-for-Metaverse is an active choice for the digital future rather than a passive response to reality. Considering the time dimension, the decentralized storage network is indestructible and a perfect information carrier. No doubt, it is safer and easier to store and share information on a decentralized network than print books or engrave letters on stones.

Today with the Filecoin network and SINSO ecosystem, each of us can be a Sonior and become the Noah in the new world. Bringing with you to the Unconventioanl Couple Club of the Sonior Ark, your loved ones, your pet and/or the animals you love and care about, or maybe fantastical creatures of your myths, please picture their adorable looks in your NFT creation.

Imagine all kinds of life that exist in the world, in history, or other undetected relics of civilization, will live forever in the data world through your creation. Curses no longer shadow the earth, and all kinds of life grow where there’s hope.

Love begins with pure sincerity, being presented by the hand of creation and recorded on the chain forever. Sonior Ark to set sail embracing the blazing love of you and me. Sonior NFT Creation Competition themed on Unconventional Couple Club, await your participation!

  1. Themed on animals in the MetaVerse;
  2. Animals shall carry the “UCC” logo in any font, just like a tattoo;
  3. Each candidate should submit at least one set of lovers avatars, more sets are encouraged;
  4. For each set of design, pls attach the story behind (will be submitted separately)


Sonior Ark is ready to sail in the name of perpetuating love and growing Unconventional Couple Club. Themed on kindness, benevolence, commemoration, resurrection, confession, animals, and most importantly, couple avatars, this NFT solicitation calls for vivid creation on:

The one you like, your pets as family members, endangered animals, extinct beasts, legendary animals in myths, or anthropomorphic animals, your originally-devised animal figures.

Let’s witness these lovely creatures permanently settle in the Metaverse.

The Sonior Ark event will collab with Venice Biennale 2022, with the top 12 winners (marked with SINSO & Uniarts) to be exhibited as unique contributors to “The Age of Chiramé” section of the world-class art party.

Kirame is a fire-breathing beast in Greek mythology, which nowadays can refer to all the gods of chaos and fantasy creatures. Such a concept happens to coincide with the theme followed by Sonior Ark. We also want to see works portraying eternal love that transcends time, species, race, gender, time, and space. “Love” can surmount everything. What you love, is worthy of being seen and remembered.

1. Each designer who has submitted entries will have exclusive Sonior identity for NFT designers and Sonior benefits;

2. 10000 $UART + 500 $SINSO for designer candidates;

3.After NFT starts to circulate in the secondary market of UniArts, different rewards will be given according to the ranking of transaction volume. For details, please refer to the “Activity Process” below;

4.For community supporters of this event, airdrop rewards worth 10,000 $UART + 500 $SINSO, as well as the free Mint qualifications for half the number of NFT entries;

5.Auction rewards. For details, please refer to the “Activity Process” below.

Jan.20th — Feb. 7th

For candidates to register, prepare design works, and submit the entries.

Link to submit your entries:


After UniArts & SINSO mint the works into NFTs, let’s assume there will be X sets of NFTs (single NFT *2X)

a. Half of each couple set will be sold with unified pricing,

b. The other half of each set will be randomly airdropped to X users participating in the airdrop activity. Users need to Mint through “The Impossible Art Formula” at NFT gallery.

c. Airdrop to randomly chosen 500 participants of the event tokens worthy of 10000 $UART + 500 $SINSO;

d. Airdrop to designer candidates tokens of 10000 $UART + 500 $SINSO.

The sale price of the NFT primary market is 5 $USDT; 30% of the sales revenue of the NFT publicly sold in the primary market is distributed to the creators, 20% is distributed to users who have collected certain NFT sets. The remaining 50% is allocated to users that ranked in the top 50 in terms of transaction volume within 7 days after the transaction is opened in the secondary market. Specifically:

5% is allocated to Top1

3% is allocated to Top2

2% is allocated to Top3

40% is evenly allocated to Top1–50 (Note: Top1, Top2 and Top3 are included; In addition, the designer of the Top1 ranked NFT set will receive 600U rewards)

Feb. 21st

The top 12 NFTs in UniArts Market Place in terms of trading volume will participate in the 14-day UniArts Vote-Mining/Appreciate-To-Earn after being marked with the SINSO & UniArts logo:

As well as be exhibited at the Venice Biennale 2022. For the introduction of the Venice Biennale, click the link below:

The top 50 NFTs in UniArts Market Place in terms of trading volume will be exhibited at the UniArts Metaverse Gallery;

Click the link below to check:[email protected],145S…

Mar. 5th-12th

The top 12 NFTs in terms of trading volume will go on a 7-day auction after the voting closes.

About auction revenues, the UniArts platform will charge a fixed 15% commission. Apart from that, 40% of the remaining income is owned by the creators, and 60% is allocated to the users who participate in the bidding. The specific allocation of the 60% is:

15% is allocated to the last user to bid

10% is allocated to the second-to-last bidder

5% is allocated to the third-to-last bidder

30% is evenly distributed among all bidders (note: including the last 3 bidders)

1. UART & wETH Holder can stake their tokens to vote for NFTs that they think are most in-demand to earn UART reward.

2. There are 6 NFTs candidates for each voting round, the period of which is 14 days.

3. All NFTs will be transferred to the auction round after the voting round is finished, and the period of auction around is 5 days

4. According to the number of votes obtained by each NFT, UART rewards will be continuously cast into NFTs, which can be retrieved by the owner.

5. Voting for NFT won’t cost any token, voted token can be retrieved at UTC 00:00 the next day.

6. Voting reward will be distributed at UTC 00:00 every day during the voting period.

7. Auction reward will be distributed after the auction round. The higher the deal price is, the more benefit will be available for the voters of the NFT.

8. If NOT retrieved, voted token will be counted as another vote for the same NFT.

9. 1 wETH vote = 100 UART vote

10. Both vote rewards and auction rewards are bonded at first, you need to unbond your UARTs in order to withdraw them into your wallet. Bonded UARTs can be used to vote for NFTs to earn more reward. Unbonding UARTs can NOT be used to vote.

11. Unbonding UARTs take 60 days to complete, and releasing 1/60 of the total amount each day during the process.

Check UART airdrop and vote for NFTs:

How to Stake UART to vote for NFTS:

The submitters of the NFT works shall guarantee that they are the authors of their submitted entries, that the content of the NFT works does not infringe the legal rights of others, and that there is no content that violates the laws, otherwise it is the submitters who shall bear all legal responsibilities for any occurred disputes.

The submitting move by the designer candidates authorizes SINSO & UNIARTS and related third parties to use the submitted entries for the purpose of promotion and publicity, including reproduction, publishing, exhibiting, collecting into series works, or in other necessary ways for offline and network information transmission

NFT holders have 100% commercial rights to the submitted works, and NFT creators do not participate in any commercial profit sharing.

If you have any questions about submissions, competition arrangements, awards, etc., please contact: [email protected]

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UniArts is an Exhibition and IDO platform for NFTs with value discovery as its core feature. It also provides Art-Fi features that covers NFT voting incentives, DAO curation, NFT financing and artworks NFT gaming, to better bond & connect fine art NFTs with the community. UniArts is also developing its substrate-based network with EVMs powered smart contracts for NFT infrastructures.

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