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Booster Partnership: Enter the Neoverse with Neo’s new protocol, N3


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The Dual Token Model

Welcome to Neoverse

The nine elements of the Neoverse representing the nine major features of Neo N3. These are (from top to bottom, left to right): Interoperability, Native Oracle, NeoID, NeoFS, Neo Name Service, One Block Finality, Best-in-Class Tooling, Smart Contracts, and Multi-language Support.
N3 Element Blind Box
N Series: Neo World
This triptych includes three illustrations dedicated to the Neo Smart Economy, built around basic elements such as water, earth, and air. By collecting these elements to create the world, the audience could dive into the world of Neo and experience the technology of the future.
E Series: Neotopia
“CORE” embodies a solidified world formed with matured science and technology where “ZION” and “NIOZ” are two folded cities. Neo sits right in the center of this virtual world, reflecting a possibility that mankind’s world will be shaped by technology and science.
O Series: N3 Core
Neoverse represents a multiple-dimensional ecosystem that carries numerous aspects, and that’s why Reva chose to use various 3-dimensional blocks to illustrate a world of N3 that is complicated but rigorous and full of vitality.
The Neo Unigiraffe joyfully brings the unique blend of DeFi, Collect-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn Polychain Monsters is known for to the Neo N3 ecosystem, the most feature-complete blockchain platform for building decentralized applications for the smart economy of tomorrow.

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