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CryptoBlades Welcomes TryHards to the Knighthood Program: TRY Available in Multi-Farm


CryptoBladers, it is with great delight we announce our newest partner and Knighthood member, TryHards! With this partnership, TryHards native token, TRY, will be available in the Multi-Farm for you to claim for rewards! This will be a distribution of 158,000 TRY over a 2-week period starting Friday, January 21st! We will also be hosting an AMA with Tryhards on January 25th, 2022 at 12:00 PM (UTC+1)!

About TryHards

TryHards NFT based cross-chain blockchain action game with Chainlink VRF. Within the game are Fanatics, Tryhards’ protagonists. These are unique warriors with come from different Factions. Fanatics represent their Factions in the Arena, fighting opponents with a variety of weapons that each offer special advantages in different combat situations. All Fanatics and Weapons come in different rarity qualities, ranging from Normal to Legendary!

All Fanatics and Weapons NFTs are securely stored on the Polygon blockchain, giving you full ownership over your assets. Players will not only be playing to earn but also aiming to craft crystals to level up their Fanatics. There is a marketplace where players can trade amongst each other to better prepare for battles and exciting staking options revolving around your power within the TryHards universe!

To learn more about TryHards, visit their website and follow them on Twitter!

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