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Frahm Brings Metaverse-Friendly Frames to Enhance Your NFTs


These days, collectors spend incredible sums acquiring digital art. Therefore, items can change hands for millions of dollars, and nobody bats an eyelid. However, as owners display their magnificent acquisitions throughout the metaverse, it’s clear that something is missing. The exhibit of digital art still holds potential for improvement. Most NFTs hang naked against the walls of virtual venues without being adequately integrated into these experiences.

Frahm Steps in to Enhance the Metaverse Art

With this in mind, Frahm has arrived to celebrate the unsung heroes of canvas-based art. A crucial yet significant component of any exhibition, display, or gallery. The humble yet vital picture frame. Frames are native to art but not in the metaverse, yet. This often-overlooked piece of functional art is the key to making an image reach its true potential. In the words of the great Van Gogh, “A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body.”

Frahm believes that every aspect of the metaverse will be tokenized, bringing with it a whole new range of digital commodities and lifestyle choices. For example, everything you see and hear within digital galleries will be an NFT eventually. So it is only natural to regard digital frames tokenized as NFTs as the next step in this evolution.

In order to build out the vision of bringing frames to the metaverse, Frahm is creating its own ecosystem, the metaverse frame stack. At the core of the stack, creating high-value frames as art in their own right is the center. These 3D frames of exceptional detail are designed and rendered by an expert team of artists and developers. Moreover, Frahm is building its own Web App to frame NFTs, a Software Developer Kit (SDK) to create frames, and collaborating with leading platforms for integrations.

The Frahm Genesis Drop

To bring this idea to reality, Frahm is preparing to launch its Genesis Series in Q1 2022. A limited collection of unique, highly sought after, one-of-one, NFT frames based on generative art. In the Frahm Genesis Drop Series, all frames will be the output of our generative art algorithm. An algorithm carefully trained over many months by our generative artist in order to create a set of the finest frames based on random minting inputs.


Frahm is backed by an exceptional team, including a traditional gallery owner, an established generative artist, full stack developers, and industry professionals. Frahm is aiming to pioneer how we consume digital art by bringing real craftsmanship to the digital frame and giving collectors, creators, and galleries the frames they deserve.

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