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Nervos & Pastel Partner Up to Guard NFT Users & Enhance Security


As NFTs continue to flourish and gain more popularity amongst mainstream audiences, issues such as scams, hacks, rug pulls and other illegitimate behaviours in the space have become more pressing. Fortunately, there are projects within the industry who are proactive in reducing user exposure to such lawlessness, one of which being Nervos Network, a blockchain ecosystem that has partnered with the developers behind the world’s preeminent protocol standard for NFT technology, Pastel Network.

The partnership will see Nervos implement Pastel’s cutting-edge technologies into its network, with the overarching goal of bringing security, reliability, and authenticity to NFT projects it houses. The technologies it will be implementing will be two lightweight protocols, ‘Sense’ and ‘Cascade.’

Sense protocol is a first-of-its-kind, near-duplicate detection system which assesses NFT rarity by comparing assets against all others in the ecosystem and on the Internet. Through its unique ability to detect how similar or different two given NFTs are, it provides a solution to guard NFT creators, collectors, buyers, and sellers from copyright infringements and scams in a capacity that is superior to other verification solutions on the market.

Cascade protocol is a robust, on-chain storage solution that offers permanent, lossless storage for NFTs, to combats rug pulls, NFT disappearances, data losses, and manipulation. It functions by distributing NFT data in chunks across different nodes in the system, meaning that even if there were to be a disturbance in the network, NFTs will be fully recoverable. In addition, users only have to pay once in order to store forever.

Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos Network, stated the importance of Pastel’s technologies in not only the Nervos ecosystem, but in the NFT industry as a whole: “With its innovative technologies, Pastel is solving many of these challenges and truly protecting users and digital assets on NFT dApps. By integrating Sense and Cascade, Nervos will be able to offer security and reliability to developers and users working with NFTs in our ecosystem.

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