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Hello, drunkards! We would like to provide you more details regarding mining and $JUNK, so you will be prepared, let’s move on!

It all started with a breakdown

One fine day robots realized that they could not continue to exist simply from one drinking party to the other, surviving exclusively on METAL beer. Many of them were initially in a deplorable technical condition, and constant skirmishes between robots made the situation even worse. Someone lost an arm in battles, someone — a leg, someone’s microprocessor was fried or external surveillance cameras were crashed. This could not continue, otherwise Los Machines would eventually turn into just a cemetery.


Then the most resourceful robots created a kind of community, which later became known as “Mechanix”.

“Mechanix” began to search local abandoned electronics stores, factories, junkyards, dumps and other places in the city where you could get spare parts, electronics or even simple scrap metal. They set up workshops, where they began to repair each other and other robots for free. But over time, there were so many robots interested that there were not enough spare parts for all of them.

Each robot, in case of need for repair, had to hand over a certain number of parts, electronics and scrap metal, and for these points he was awarded with $JUNK. With these points the robot can buy a container that includes equipment or weapons.

Era of mining

But, as it usually happens, someone was able to hand over more, someone less, trade and the struggle for resources began. As a result, $JUNK turned into a kind of local domestic currency.

This is how the “era of mining” began. Every self-respecting robot, if he wanted to be in working condition, or just survive in another shootout, had to devote several hours or even days a week to find and develop $JUNK. Finally, it became no less important for the residents of Los Machines than METAL itself

In-game details

To participate in mining, you need to stake your robot on an appropriate page, which will be available on January 17?

Notice: If your robot is staked into mining, you can’t use it for other activities and sell it on the marketplace during this time. The staking and unstaking process takes place immediately.


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