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Going Underground with Boys Noize: Presenting Rave Pigs Unique Audio-Visual NFT Collection


This post was originally published on Superfarm

SuperFarm community, are you ready for an NFT experience beyond the ordinary leading you deep into the dark and dirty world of Berlin underground? SuperFarm is stoked to present to you a very special NFT series pairing algorithmically-generated artwork and music: Rave Pigs, a collection of 6,666 unique generative audio-visual characters.

Featuring illustrations by a legendary anonymous Berlin graffiti artist (you’ve seen his work!) and original, new banging music from Grammy Award winning techno DJ and producer BOYS NOIZE, who has been on the forefront of NFTs. SuperFarm is thrilled to continue exploring the new disruptive arena where blockchain technology meets culture, via this uniquely curated audio x visual collection.

EllioTrades and SuperFarm NFT holders can now join the whitelist, which is open for 24 hours only (Falcon and Jazz holders not included, read more here).

For further Rave Pigs drop announcements, join the Boys Noize discord.

Owning a Piece of Berlin Underground

Have you ever been drawn to the mystical and thrilling world of techno and graffiti art? Now is the chance to own your own piece of Berlin underground culture! Powered by SuperFarm’s industry-leading NFT technology stack, the Rave Pigs NFT collection lets you own techno tracks from the one and only Boys Noize and gives holders ownership rights to everything they see and hear!

Rave Pigs holders will own the rights to BOTH the artwork and music in their NFT. Additionally, holders will be given the audio stems to their NFT to use in their own compositions and remixes, opening up a collaborative network of Rave Pigs worldwide! Rave Pigs are not, however, responsible for any damages caused by sleeplessness, hangovers, excessive raging, or damaged hotel rooms…

Each Rave Pig character is assembled through combinations of 10 visual traits and 5 audio layers for over 50 TRILLION possible combinations. Will you mint the rarest one? All Rave Pigs are immutably stored as erc-1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and can be downloaded in .png and .mp4 formats.

Rave Pigs will be minted on the Rave Pigs website for 0.0909 ETH and will be tradable on secondary markets like OpenSea (150 Rave Pigs will be retained for marketing, promotions, giveaways, and the team).

Boys Noize — Setting New Standards in the Music Industry

BOYS NOIZE (Alex Ridha) builds worlds, then builds bridges between them. Propelled by an infatuation with sonic invention, Ridha has developed a peerless sound that transcends all categories. Embraced by the underground and adored on the main stage, the nonconformist German-Iraqi artist, DJ, producer, and subcultural oracle has forged a distinctive path through the world of electronic music, all on his own terms.

The new decade kicked off with a bang for BOYS NOIZE with a 2020 GRAMMY nomination for his single “Midnight Hour” alongside Skrillex and Ty Dolla $ign and a 2021 GRAMMY win for Lady Gaga “Rain On Me ft. Ariana Grande.” The success builds on years of momentum, ranging from productions for Frank Ocean, A$AP Rocky, and Mark Ronson to collaborations with Bon Iver, Chance The Rapper, Snoop Dogg, Rico Nasty, Tommy Cash, Arca, and Francis and the Lights.

Ridha’s multifaceted output also includes remixes for Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Rammstein, N.E.R.D, and David Lynch, the soundtrack for Oliver Stone’s movie Snowden, and the first musical release from designer Virgil Abloh, accompanied by the OFF-WHITE x BOYS NOIZE’s MAYDAY clothing capsule collection.

Whether composing and performing live as OCTAVE ​​MINDS with piano maestro Chilly Gonzales, crafting club hits with Skrillex as DOG BLOOD, or DJing under his house pseudonym ELAX, Boys Noize is constantly developing new forms of expression, fueled by a creativity that knows no boundaries.

Now, for his latest endeavor, BOYS NOIZE assembled a team of artists and crypto heavyweights — including his favorite anonymous Berlin graffiti artist, as well as EllioTrades’ SuperFarm team and Yung Crypto Media— to bring you Rave Pigs, his very first generative NFT release, dropping on 1/21!

EllioTrades and SuperFarm NFT holders, if you want to own your own piece of Berlin underground, don’t miss your chance to enter the whitelist now, open for only 24 hours (Falcon and Jazz holders not included, read more here)!

Also, join the Boys Noize discord for more announcements about the drop.

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For more information on Boys Noize: Gold Atlas — Inge Colsen — [email protected] — 212–203–5240

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